How Queen Elizabeth’s Son Prince Edward Is Strangely Reminded of His Mom Every Time He Uses the Restroom

Queen Elizabeth II‘s youngest son, Prince Edward, is one of the royals who fans know the least about. For the most part, he and Sophie, Countess of Wessex have managed to stay out of and keep their children away from the royal spotlight.

However, there is something the Earl of Wessex and his wife have shared with the public recently and that is what a few rooms inside of their home look like.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Edward
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Edward | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Here’s more on that, plus an unusual item Prince Edward has in his lavatory featuring his mother.

Royals don’t call it a ‘bathroom’ unless it includes this

There are several common words many of us use every day that you would never hear a member of the royal family utter. Some of these words include “couch” because they only sit on “sofas” and “perfume” which they call scent. They also refer to a “patio” as a “terrace.”

Other words members of Britain’s most famous family don’t say are associated with what’s found in restrooms like a “toilet.” Where they relieve themselves is actually called a “loo.”

They don’t use the word “bathroom” either unless there is an actual bathtub inside. So, if a royal is in a powder room that would be referred to as the “lavatory.”

 Bathroom at the Granary Accommodation at The Castle of Mey after it was opened by Prince Charles
Granary Accommodation bathroom at The Castle of Mey after it was opened by Prince Charles | Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images

And in those lavatories, most royals keep bar soap instead of liquid. And they would never have any “unhygienic” reading material such as newspapers or magazines in there.

The queen is always visible in Prince Edward’s lavatory

The outside world never saw the inside of the earl and countess’s estate until they began working from home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Thanks to virtual calls, fans have gotten glimpses of some rooms inside their Bagshot residence in Surrey.

Prince Edward with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Edward with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

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Hello! noted that Prince Edward shared a peek at his home office when he officially opened the NHS Nightingale Hospital in Bristol last April. Between March and June, Sophie participated in several Zoom calls in other areas of the property including their kitchen

We didn’t see their lavatories at any point but there have been reports about something Edward keeps in there. That is a unique picture of Queen Elizabeth.

A photo of your mother isn’t something most people have hanging above their loo (toilet), but Prince Edward isn’t most people. According to the Sunday Post, the Earl of Wessex has “a cartoon [image] of the queen telling a group of penguins about her displeasure with the media.”

Edward is no fan of the press himself so having something along these lines in his home makes sense. But right above where his family does their business might not be the best place for it.

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