How Tall is Former ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Star Patricia Heaton?

Patricia Heaton is known and loved by millions for her portrayal of the married and harried Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond as well as for playing midwestern mom Frankie Heck on ABC’s The Middle. Both comedy series of Heaton’s endured nine seasons and are still fan favorites. She went on to give another series, Carol’s Second Act, a go, in 2019 but the CBS comedy didn’t have the success of her earlier hits.

Here’s the popular actor’s height and what she had to say about keeping fit.

Former 'Everybody Loves Raymond' star Patricia Heaton
Former ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ star Patricia Heaton | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

How tall is Patricia Heaton?

Patricia Heaton is 5-foot-2, according to IMDb. While her height may be on the petite side, her on-camera presence is most definitely larger than life.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1958, Heaton told that if it had been up to her dad, sportswriter Chuck Heaton, she never would have become an actor.

“When I was moving to New York after college, my dad was against the idea,” she admitted. “But when he saw that I was determined to go, he just said, ‘How much money do you need?’ and wrote me a check for $800. And whenever he came to visit me, he never showed his cringe when he had to step over homeless people to walk up to my dumpy apartment.”

Heaton loves this most about her height

The actor, in a video piece for Today’s Why I Love My Body series, explained the ups of being on the smaller side.

“The thing I love about my height is that you get to be first in line for everything,” she said. “So often being small — I don’t like to use the word short — but being petite gets you in the front of stuff. I also think that my obnoxious personality has gotten me this far because I am smaller. I had to actually be louder and had to do more to get attention so that people could see me. So I kind of credit my small stature for propelling me forward in this industry.

“To my fellow small girls,” she added, “I say, ‘You’ve got this incredibly powerful 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-8 girl inside of you and just get some platforms and go get ’em.'”

What Heaton gave up recently

Heaton stopped drinking alcohol and for a very understandable reason. She’s looking forward to grandchildren and wants to be around in mind and body for them. The Your Second Act author celebrated three alcohol-free years in July and has been turning to “mocktails” instead, regularly posting her recipes on social media.

“I love alcohol,” she said in an interview on Elizabeth Vargas’ podcast, Heart of the Matter. “I love bourbon. I love vodka. I love Maker’s Mark. I mean, you can feel it. You have a drink, and you feel it from your head to your toes, just this thing that goes through your body. It’s fantastic. Until it’s not.

“I feel now that I can do anything if I can get rid of alcohol,” she said. “Alcohol’s the hardest thing in my life.”

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