How Tall is Tory Lanez?

Tory Lanez has had a roller coaster year, even by the standards set by 2020. The Canadian rapper has been making waves for nearly a decade, but his 2020 mix The New Toronto 3 had people excited for an upcoming album. However, after a verbal fight outside Kylie Jenner’s mansion ended with Lanez allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot, that high he was experiencing became a new low. In the fallout to the situation, Lanez’s height became the butt of many social media jokes. 

Tory Lanez on stage with his arms outstretched
Tory Lanez | Joseph Okpako/Getty Images

Who is Tory Lanez? 

Lanez first made his name thanks to his songwriting skills and abilities behind the scenes as a producer. Like so many others before him, however, he used this behind-the-scenes work to get himself in front of a microphone. He was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, but he spent his life all across America and Canada alike. Heis 2014 work with YG made him a household name, and for the next six years, he slowly worked on building a brand that went beyond production and songwriting. 

In 2017, he collaborated with Future on “Real Thing.” The following year, his album Memories Don’t Die became a massive hit. He continued working in front of and behind the scenes with several of the biggest names in hip-hop. Lil Wayne, T-Pain, the-Dream, and several others began taking notice of the rapper. In 2020, he was riding higher than he ever had. 

The New Toronto 3 was an inarguable hit, and many saw it as a stepping stone into Lanez’s mainstream success. However, that all came crashing down after the reported incident with Megan Thee Stallion, and Lanez may have ended his career right when it was on the verge of something special. 

Lanez self-destructs

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While much of the world was social distancing and avoiding danger, Lanez, Jenner, and Megan thee Stallion decided to have a party. It was a relatively normal get together between the famous friends, but it ended with the “WAP” rapper accusing Lanez of shooting her in the foot. Lanez remained silent on it, saying that he rebuttal would come shortly. 

He responded weeks later, not with a statement or video, but an album. The album, Daystar, gave Lanez’s side of the story. He claimed that Megan Thee Stallion as drunk and aggressive, including lyrics that gave his version of events.

“Me and Kylie still off in the pool We was chillin’, kickin’ s—, was cool Both of us didn’t know you was trippin’ Even though I got a crush on Kylie, I woulda left with you if I knew you was dipping for the simple reason You invited me but I can’t act like shawty didn’t excite me I had took a wrong turn that-night.” Another verse went into defending himself: “I wasn’t the wrong one that night, you was just too drunk to even see it…”

People did not have it. Lanez’s claims that Megan Thee Stallion started it were thrown out the window the second Lanez dropped the album. The rapper became a joke on the internet. However, one of the most common jokes at his expense had to do with his diminutive height. 

How tall is Tory Lanez

At 5’3″ tall, Lanez is shorter than the average rapper, according to an arrest report via The Sun. In a world where even the slightest disadvantage can be fodder for ridicule, people honed in on Lanez height and compared it to his tough persona.

The night’s details are still being sorted out, but the jokes at Lanez expense keep on coming. If he does get out of this situation unscathed, the jokes will likely follow for years to come. In the grand scheme of things, his height is unimportant. However, until Lanez can absolve himself, it’s not likely to end any time soon.