How ‘The Breakfast Club’s’ DJ Envy’s Wife Discovered His Affair With ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Erica Mena

DJ Envy is known as a co-host of the popular New York City morning radio show The Breakfast Club and as a longtime disc jockey in the music industry. But behind his public persona, Envy is a doting husband and father.

DJ Envy and Gia Casey
DJ Envy and Gia Casey | Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images

He’s been in a relationship with his wife, Gia Casey, since high school, and the two have five children. But Envy’s indiscretions nearly cost him his marriage. In a recent television special, Casey reveals how she discovered Envy was unfaithful.

Gia Casey learned of DJ Envy’s affair from a blog

Casey and Envy hit a rough patch after being married for over a decade. In their episode of the OWN docuseries Behind Every Man, Casey reveals the moment she discovered Envy was unfaithful. The loving housewife says she got an inkling from a simple Google search that her husband potentially carried out an affair.

Casey says she was excited to see photos from a photoshoot Envy had done and searched online to view the pictures. Unfortunately, she found something else that left her with an unsettled feeling.

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“I googled his name and the pictures didn’t pop up but a blog popped up and when I clicked on the blog, I saw a conversation and one of the girls said to the other girl, ‘Well that’s why you’re with DJ Envy and his wife sits at home clueless,’” Casey explains. 

She confronted Envy with the blog post and lied about knowing the details of the affair. Envy fessed up about the ordeal. He later went live on-air to apologize to his wife, something Casey admits only made things worse.

Mena has also spoken out publicly, alleging she knew nothing about Envy’s wife. She claims he led her on publicly humiliated her by downplaying their relationship.

DJ Envy and Gia Casey are stronger than ever following Envy’s affair

Casey admitted on the couple’s podcast that she contemplated divorce following the discovery of Envy’s affair. Things became so bad between the two that she canceled their holiday plans and told their close friends and family that she was divorcing Envy. 

During their interview on the FOX daytime talk show The Real, Casey said she knew immediately that she would divorce Envy for cheating.

“When I found out – for me I knew that it was going to be over because my entire life being with him – that was my hard line that’s the one you don’t cross so when I found out I hired a divorce attorney,” she said.

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Envy begged his wife for another chance but she would not budge. He threatened suicide over the split and even spent several days in a mental institution.

Worried about Envy’s health and well-being, Casey stayed under the condition that Envy care for himself. During the process, Envy worked hard to convince his wife not to leave him, including enlisting the help of singer Tyrese to perform a song tribute to Casey declaring his love for her. Casey ultimately forgave Envy.

Since then, the two have welcomed three more children. Casey has also branched out from her role as a stay-at-home mother to pursue her passion for broadcast journalism and commentary. Their podcast is popular amongst fans.