How the MCU Will Divide up Its Main Characters Post-‘Avengers: Endgame’

For the first three phases of the MCU, leading up to and including Avengers: Endgame, our beloved heroes battled on earth and across galaxies — coming to defend the human planet and others in need of rescue. In the end, they all came together to save the day — reversing Thanos’ infamous “snap” that created one of the greatest cliffhangers of all time in Infinity War.

Marvel Studios MCU
President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Moving forward, will the Marvel landscape proceed on the same path, taking our heroes from Asgard to Knowhere, and back to New York City, or will there be a divide — a line drawn in the sand separating our leaders’ territories — a “you handle this planet, and I’ll handle this one” sort of dynamic? According to recent insider reports, there may be more separation in the MCU moving forward. 

As the landscape grows more expansive following Avengers: Endgame, epic mash-ups of the same size and scale (or greater) witnessed in Endgame may not be as feasible. Thus, the MCU may create two separate distinct forces, which then separate into smaller teams. Of course, some heroes will spread their wings a bit more than others; however, the divide will be evident. 

There will likely be two primary groups in the MCU moving forward: earthbound heroes and intergalactic heroes

Insider reports and theories suggest that there will be two primary forces fighting the baddies in the MCU — those who operate on earth, and those who operate out in galaxies far and wide. In short, there will be cosmic heroes who grow entangled with other cosmic heroes, and earthly saviors who come to fight alongside other earthbound saviors. 

For example, while the Guardians of the Galaxy could realistically cross paths with the Fantastic Four — the family of explorers — don’t expect to see Black Widow and Nova talking over a cup of tea. 

By separating the MCU based on the cosmic and earth variety, smaller mash-ups will be feasible, and the narrative will build up to team-ups that do not feature the entire ensemble, as such will grow nearly impossible to maintain after Disney+ brings a wave of interrelated shows into the picture. This may prove useful in imagining the general sequence of events; however, certain characters — now existing as the MCU’s foundation with Tony Stark and Captain America gone — will likely have free reign. 

Captain Marvel is destined to operate on earth and on other planets, as she is going to be needed whenever a threat presents a challenge most cannot handle. As one of the strongest Avengers remaining, she will likely come to fight alongside both the A-Force and the Avengers, appearing in multiple installments post-Phase 4. 

Furthermore, We Got This Covered, recently reported that future Marvel Phases will possess “mini-arcs” moving forward, as to build to a grand finish with each phase, as opposed to across an entire saga. However, this does not mean that Kevin Feige and Co. will avoid another grand mash-up, as who is to say what’s bound to happen once the X-Men finally make an entrance.