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The Pioneer Woman is constantly making new dishes and presenting new takes on old dishes. There’s always food around Ree Drummond’s household. How does the Food Network star really feel about leftovers? Here’s what she had to say.

What do they do with leftover food from ‘The Pioneer Woman’ show?

Stephen Colbert and The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond do a cooking demonstration.
Stephen Colbert and Ree Drummond |  Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

Drummond is no stranger to leftovers. There’s usually a lot of food left after she films an episode of The Pioneer Woman. The Accidental Country Girl revealed what she does with all the food.

In The Pioneer Woman magazine, Drummond says she tries her best not to waste any of the food she prepares. She doesn’t throw meals away. Rather, leftovers are eaten by her family or the TV crew. If they can’t eat everything, Drummond lets her dogs have the rest.

“We try very hard not to waste food,” writes Drummond in her column. “If my family doesn’t finish it off, the crew definitely will. And in those cases, when the food needs to be held on to a little longer for photography or other reasons, the Drummond dogs are the happy recipients!”

How Ree Drummond feels about leftovers


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What’s Drummond’s take on leftovers? Does she get tired of having all that extra food or does she welcome it? Drummond answered a fan’s burning question.

“We love leftovers in the Drummond house!” she says in her magazine column. “I do factor this in whenever I’m making a big lasagna or casserole. I know we won’t be able to get through a whole pan in one meal (especially now that it’s just Ladd, Todd, and me), so I’ll just plan to get an additional meal or two out of each one.”

Drummond says she sometimes makes more food than she needs because her son and husband like to munch on leftovers the next day. “With other dishes, like fried pork chops, I make it a point to cook more than I know we’ll need because both Ladd and Todd love a fried pork chop straight out of the fridge the next day—even more than one that’s just been fried!”

Ree Drummond focuses on simple meals

Drummond is known for her simple, yet flavorful, recipes. Why does she choose to focus on meals that are easy to prepare? Drummond explained her cooking style to Southern Living. She says one of the things she learned from her mother was how to approach cooking with ease. She says her mother “had a natural ease about her” and never seemed stressed out when it came to preparing meals.

Drummond also makes easy meals because she doesn’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. She says she realized during the pandemic that she would rather spend time with her family than spend time a lot of time preparing meals. Drummond’s desire to enjoy more family time resulted in her book focusing on superhero shortcuts.

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