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There are plenty of reality TV stars, but few are exactly like Theresa Caputo. Thanks to Long Island Medium, TLC introduced us to the star who claims she can connect with spirit and communicate directly with the dead. And while Theresa’s gift over the years continued to amaze and inspire us, we also became deeply involved in her personal life, as got an in-depth look into her family dynamics with her husband, Larry, and two children.

Nowadays, her two kids are all grown up — and she’s divorced Larry. Though we rarely hear from Theresa’s parents, fans are wondering what they have to say about her failed marriage. Here’s what we know.

Theresa and Larry Caputo just finalized their divorce in December 2018

From the start of Long Island Medium, Larry and Theresa seemed to be the perfect match. Unfortunately, People reports that after 28 years of marriage, the two decided it was best to go their separate ways. Prior to their divorce, fans knew something was amiss when Theresa and Larry appeared to be living on opposite coasts, too. The couple then later announced their separation and noted, “We will always love each other and our two wonderful children. We are united in supporting each other and our family.”

Though they’re no longer together, it appears Larry and Theresa are still on good terms and have seen each other since the split. E! News reports Theresa explained that even though their decision is upsetting, “There is no purpose in being angry and being mad. We have over 30 years together and you just can’t forget about that. You know we still have to honor and treasure that and more importantly, respect that.” She’s also added that she never envisioned she’d get divorced, but she’s managing life on her own now. As for Larry, he’s already reportedly moved on with someone new.

Theresa’s parents are reportedly upset by the split

We don’t hear too much about Theresa’s parents, but we’ve occasionally gotten glimpses of them and heard about them via Long Island Medium. Veronica and Nicholas J. Brigandi are her parents’ names, Heavy reports. And though her parents seem ultra supportive of her and the show, Theresa has noted in the past that she believes her divorce was hard on them.

Heavy reports she said on the show, “I think as parents, when something is wrong or upsetting our children, we just want to fix it for them — but my dad can’t fix what’s going on between Larry and I.” Theresa also added that everyone in the family is upset by the separation but they’re still being as loving and supportive as they can be.

Aside from her parents, Theresa and Larry’s kids are also having a tough time coping with the split. Theresa told Good Housekeeping that “it’s uncomfortable and it’s hard on my kids. They know that they can come to Larry and I, you know, if they ever want to talk about it. [We] kind of just left it in their hands.”

She seems to have a very close relationship with her parents, too

While the show doesn’t often focus on Theresa’s relationship with her parents, perhaps we’ll hear more about them in the future since she’s seemingly leaning on them for support during this difficult transition period. On the bio on her website, Theresa mentions her mom and dad by stating, “I’m close to my parents, who are still very much alive.” And though her father is 77, Life & Style reports Theresa was also depending on him to help out with household chores once Larry left. Judging from Theresa’s Instagram, it definitely appears she loves and appreciates her father, as she’s included photos of him many times on the platform.

As for Theresa’s mother, it seems she’s also been a key player in Theresa reaching her full potential as a medium. As she explained on her website, “After suffering from debilitating anxiety and trying to manage it on my own and with a therapist for years, my mom introduced me to a spiritual healer and teacher named Pat Longo.” She then went on to explain that the teacher helped her learn to channel spirit. “I began to heal and come into my own,” she wrote.

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