How to Watch NCT 127’s ‘Beyond LIVE’ Online Concert

SM Entertainment and Naver kicked-off the “Beyond LIVE” concert series in April 2020. The virtual concerts have been a massive success, with fans from all over the world streaming the live concerts of their favorite groups. On May 17, NCT 127’s “Beyond LIVE” concert will be broadcast on VLIVE. Here’s how to watch the virtual concert.

NCT 127
NCT 127 | Johnny Louis/Getty Images

What is ‘Beyond LIVE’?

“Beyond LIVE” is a concert streaming service that gives fans new opportunities to view concerts. It was created by SM Entertainment and Naver during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. While its initial purpose seems to be to give fans a way to watch concerts during the pandemic, it has the potential to continue beyond that due to its initial success.

In a statement, SM Entertainment said, “Beyond Live will not only stream concerts online, but it will also provide additional digital contents. It may involve live chats between stars and fans and other digital technology to take the experience to another level.”

SuperM performed the first “Beyond LIVE” concert on April 26, WayV performed on May 3, NCT Dream performed on May 10, and NCT 127 will perform on May 17. SM Entertainment recently announced that TVXQ! will perform on May 24 and Super Junior will put on a “Beyond LIVE” concert on May 31.

How to watch NCT 127’s ‘Beyond LIVE’

Each “Beyond LIVE” is a new live performance with never-before-seen content. To watch each concert, fans must pay an admission fee as they would for an in-person show. Virtual tickets for “Beyond LIVE” cost 1,500 V coins on V Live, which is about $30 USD.

NCTzens can also purchase a virtual lightstick and stickers to enjoy the concert. For 50 V coins, fans can buy a “NCT 127 <Beyond the Origin> sticker.” NCTzens have the option to purchase the NCT 127 logo or stickers that represent each NCT 127 member. A virtual lightstick subscription for seven days is 50 V coins, 30 days worth is 150 V coins, and a subscription for 100 years costs 800 V coins.

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To watch NCT 127’s “Beyond LIVE,” fans can go to the VLIVE page for “NCT 127 – Beyond the Origin (Beyond LIVE + VOD).” Once fans purchase the concert, the live performance can be viewed simultaneously on two devices, and the replay VOD can be viewed simultaneously on five devices. NCT 127’s “Beyond LIVE” concert begins at 3 p.m. KST on May 17. In the U.S., it will be broadcast at 2 a.m. EST on May 17 and 11 p.m. PDT on May 16.

NCT 127 will debut their new song ‘Punch’

The K-pop group’s “Beyond LIVE” concert will most likely be bittersweet, as NCT 127 just canceled their North American tour due to the coronavirus. In a brief Twitter thread, Johnny let NCTzens know the upcoming North American shows are canceled:

“NCTzens! I’m very sad to say that because of the current situation we will be having to cancel the North American tour. We know that you guys were looking forward to the new tour as much as us.

We’ll make sure to keep you guys smiling one way or another, and make sure that the next time we tour it’ll be the most magical. Thank you guys always, stay safe, stay healthy. We love you. -Johnny #NCT127.”

However, fans still have lots to look forward to with NCT 127’s “Beyond LIVE” concert. On May 19, NCT 127 will release their repackage album Neo Zone: The Final Round. During the “Beyond LIVE” concert, NCT 127 will debut the album’s lead single, “Punch.”