How Would ‘The Office’ Characters React to Work From Home? Mindy Kaling Has Some Thoughts

The past year has forced many shows on television to reimagine how they would portray the living reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. The documentary-format comedy, The Office, looked at the tickling moments that were a part of the day-to-day at Dunder Mifflin, a paper company. With the adoption of the work-from-home module, it is interesting to imagine how the employees of the Dunder Mifflin, Scranton branch would react and adjust with the Zoom life. 

One of the employees, Kelly or Mindy Kaling, who featured on the series from season one, had a few thoughts.

US actress Mindy Kaling arrives for the 35th Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California, on February 8, 2020.
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How would Kelly react?

Kelly Kapoor, the chirpy and gossip-loving customer-service representative at Dunder Mifflin was always interested in knowing what was happening with every member in the office. Kaling, who played the role effortlessly for years, noted that working from home would not sit well with Kelly. 

“I think that Kelly–whose job could have been done pretty much remote throughout the beginning of the show–would be hating not being at work because she thrives so much on work gossip and being around Ryan,” Kaling said in an interview with Pure Wow. So, it would be killing her.”

Kelly, who eventually left Dunder Mifflin to move to Ohio with her then-boyfriend, Ravi, in the last season of the show, was integral to creating many of The Office’s notable episodes, like the ‘The Diwali Party’ and ‘Search Committee, when Kelly gives an iconic interview for the manager job.

How would Michael Scott react?

While Kelly would definitely miss working in the office, another member of the team who would have a difficult time with work-from-home, according to Kaling, is Michael Scott. Scott, the manager at the Scranton branch and played by Steve Carell, is known for his inappropriate humor and fondness for his team. 

“I think Michael would be the person who would just say, ‘No, no one can work from home,’ because he is just so needy and thinks of his workplace as his family,” Kaling said.

Despite his concern for his employees, Scott often tries to micromanage everyone and is often questioned for his unwanted advice. 

“He would be the person at the height of the pandemic who was like, ‘Everyone has to come in, there’s no such thing as remote working,” Kaling said.

Even if, reluctantly, Scott agrees to adhere to the pandemic restrictions, his antiques would still persist during virtual meetings as well.

“He[Scott] might also be that person who does a lot of faux pas on Zoom, like clipping his toenails while the video is going,” Kaling said. “You know Michael Scott definitely has a goofy backdrop on Zoom.”

The thought of the members of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch dealing with a massive change like the pandemic, makes you wonder if the classic comedy will revive for another run.

Kaling on the idea of ‘The Office’ reboot

Kaling definitely seemed onboard with the idea of a reboot set in the unique last year we’ve had.  

“I feel like this past year and a half would have been such fertile ground for The Office,” Kailing said. 

Fueling the conversation about the reboot, recently, NBCUniversal executive also expressed interest if the show’s producer Greg Daniels said yes. 

Whether or not the reboot will happen, has still not been confirmed from any official source. As the fans wait for some news, a rewatch of the series might help.


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