‘Hypnotic’: Netflix’s Horror Movie Trailer Hypnotizes in Terrifying Ways

October is finally here. Halloween has become a month-long holiday that’s best celebrated with spooky movies to get you in the holiday spirit. Each streaming service and many cable networks are providing an array of Halloween content, ranging from family-friendly movies and television shows to something a bit darker. Netflix just released the full-length trailer to their upcoming horror movie Hypnotic, which stars The Haunting of Hill House actor Kate Siegel.

Netflix has special Halloween programming this year

Netflix horror movie 'Hypnotic' actor Kate Siegel holding a pen and notebook
Kate Siegel Eric Milner/Netflix

Halloween is coming to Netflix in a big way. The streaming service is offering 11 all-new horror titles that are making their premiere over the course of October. Additionally, there will be a new Netflix horror movie available every Wednesday. This includes There’s Someone Inside Your House, Fever Dreams, Night Teeth, and Hypnotic. Netflix has been releasing trailers and other promotional materials as each of the release dates approach.

Netflix is also going to be offering the campy WWE-themed choose-your-own-adventure movie Escape the Undertaker. But, for those who are looking for more family-friendly horror adventures, they will also be offering Scaredy Cats, A Tale Dark & Grimm, and Sharkdog’s Fintastic Halloween. Netflix seeks to bring subscribers a wide variety of horror movies and television shows so that anybody can enjoy their spooky programming.

The ‘Hypnotic’ trailer teases the terror in hypnosis

The Netflix YouTube channel just released the official Hypnotic trailer. It opens with a woman entering an elevator. She receives a phone call and her pupils dilate. Suddenly, the walls begin to close in on her until they appear to crush her to death. A social gathering introduces Jenn (Siegel) to Dr. Collin Meade (Jason O’Mara).

Jenn mentions that she has anxiety and is struggling to gain the motivation to maintain employment. She’s recommended to see Dr. Meade to help her manage her anxiety. He suggests trying hypnosis, therefore unlocking her mind. Similar to the opening sequence, she begins to experience surreal visions after receiving a phone call. The trailer mentions how before hypnosis, our minds are locked. Jenn’s mind being unlocked to Dr. Meade leads to several dangers.

It’s clear that something sinister is behind Jenn’s hypnosis treatments, as she starts having strange dreams. Dr. Meade appears to have some sort of control over her. However, there’s a mystery of what Dr. Meade’s goal is and why he’s doing this. Nevertheless, he isn’t finished with her yet. The doctor has hidden his footprints, making him impossible to track down. He’s essentially a ghost.

Hypnotic combines horror, thriller, and mystery into this special Halloween title. The trailer ends with Dr. Meade’s face leaning toward the camera to say, “You can wake up now.”

Hypnotic clicks onto Netflix just in time for Halloween starting Oct. 27.

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