‘I Am Groot’: Ranking Every Short From the Disney+ Collection

Baby Groot is taking over Disney+ this week as Marvel’s I Am Groot arrives on the streaming platform. The series of shorts will follow the cutest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy team (sorry, Rocket) as he learns to walk, realizes his place in the galaxy, and even enjoys a mud bath. Fans can look forward to a total of five adventures from Baby Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel). Here’s our ranking of the I Am Groot shorts from worst to best.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for I Am Groot Episodes 1-5.]

5. ‘Groot’s First Steps’

A screenshot from 'Groot's First Steps' for our ranking of Marvel's 'I Am Groot' shorts. In the image, Baby Groot is inside of his planter and looking up at something.
Baby Groot in ‘Groot’s First Steps’ | Marvel Studios

Groot’s First Steps makes a compelling opening to Marvel’s I Am Groot, welcoming fans back into the character’s life by recounting his first steps. When Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 closes, Groot is in his baby form. However, he appears in a planter rather than walking around on two legs.

The I Am Groot short Groot’s First Steps depicts how he became a walking, talking tree again. Sometimes, all it takes is a little jealousy and a snack craving to get what you want. Watching Groot realize he can walk proves a charming experience. And it’s sweetened by his rivalry with another plant. That this is our least favorite short doesn’t say much. It’s an entertaining watch with few flaws, even if it isn’t quite as comical or interesting as the others on this list.

4. ‘Groot’s Pursuit’

Baby Groot using a smart watch as a headlamp in one of Marvel's 'I Am Groot' shorts, 'Groot's Pursuit.'
Baby Groot in ‘Groot’s Pursuit’ | Marvel Studios

If you’ve ever wanted to see Baby Groot in onesie pajamas, the I Am Groot short Groot’s Pursuit delivers some serious cuteness. But even beyond that, this installment makes a fun addition to the Disney+ series. It sees Baby Groot investigating a disturbance on the team’s ship, only to come across a shape-shifting foe. When that foe turns itself into a mirror of Baby Groot, the pair has a dance-off. It’s all very Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1.

Needless to say, Groot’s Pursuit features much of what fans love about the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Unfortunately, it feels a bit short despite having a similar length to the other I Am Groot episodes. With no real explanation of what’s happening, it may leave fans wanting more. Perhaps we’ll get a follow-up when I Am Groot Season 2 comes out.

3. ‘Groot Takes a Bath’

Baby Groot taking in a bath in Marvel's 'I Am Groot' short, 'Groot Takes a Bath.' He's surrounded by greenery and has cucumbers over his eyes.
Baby Groot in ‘Groot Takes a Bath’ | Marvel Studios

Of all the solo shorts in I Am Groot, Groot Takes a Bath is the most hilarious — mostly because we get to see Baby Groot try out a number of ridiculous “hairstyles.” Groot Takes a Bath opens exactly as it sounds: with the series’ title character discovering a puddle of mud and diving in. After spending too much time in the mud, he grows leaves all over. His new look is as surprising as it is comical. And after the leaves wither and fall off, he goes about trying multiple styles.

Unfortunately, none of them stick — much to Baby Groot’s frustration. And an equally frustrated alien, tired of watching Groot’s efforts, attacks him. It seems our lead gets revenge, though, as he emerges from the encounter wearing the alien’s feathers. Baby Groot’s pettiness is one of the funniest parts of these shorts, and Groot Takes a Bath gives us lots of laugh-worthy moments from him — both innocent and more mischievious.

2. ‘The Little Guy’

Baby Groot in 'The Little Guy' for our ranking of Marvel's 'I Am Groot' shorts. The image shows Groot towering over a bunch of small blue creatures and smiling.
Baby Groot in ‘The Little Guy’ | Marvel Studios

Sometimes, you’re the predator, and sometimes, you’re the prey. That’s a lesson Baby Groot learns during Marvel’s second I Am Groot short, The Little Guy. The installment opens with Baby Groot building a treehouse of sorts, only to have a huge bird kick him out of it. His frustration is short-lived, as an even bigger predator snatches that bird away.

And Groot soon finds himself on the other side of the equation, discovering a colony of small blue aliens living beneath a rock. They’re terrified of him at first, and just as he’s about to win them over, he winds up squishing them. Thankfully, it looks like there are survivors. But Groot’s lesson about his place in the universe tackles an interesting theme, all while continuing to deliver on the comedy.

1. ‘Magnum Opus’

Baby Groot making a family portrait in 'I Am Groot' short 'Magnum Opus.'
Baby Groot in ‘Magnum Opus’ | Marvel Studios

The Guardians of the Galaxy always function best as a team, so is it any surprise that the most compelling I Am Groot short focuses on Baby Groot’s relationship with his teammates? Although the Guardians don’t appear in “Magnum Opus” — except Bradley Cooper’s Rocket, who does get a cameo — the episode centers them in a different way. It sees Baby Groot attempting to make a family portrait of the gang. It’s as adorable and heartwarming as it sounds, even if he causes a few explosions in the process.

Of all the Disney+ shorts, Magnum Opus is the most likely to get fans in their feelings — and leave them wanting more Guardians of the Galaxy content. Fortunately, the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is just a few months away.

All five I Am Groot shorts are currently streaming on Disney+.

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