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If you’re anywhere near being a fan of the Star Wars franchise, then you’ve no doubt heard about the trailer for the final season of The Clone Wars. It’s been said before (by us, but also by many others) that this series encompasses everything good about the franchise. It also brings a whole new meaning and understanding of the prequel films, specifically Revenge of the Sith. And if that prequel finale is a favorite of yours, then you’re one of the lucky ones. Why? Because not only did your heart get stomped on in 2005 when it first premiered, but you’re about to be heartbroken all over again. Congrats!

But in all seriousness, Season 7 of The Clone Wars is going to really bring the heat, since it’s the finale of the series. And it occurs at a time that a lot of death happens either to fan-favorites or to characters around them. Basically, this is just a list of why The Clone Wars will break you but it’ll be oh-so-good. Spoilers for the entirety of The Clone Wars ahead.

Darth Vader Force chokes someone at the 'Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of The Sith' Premiere Benefit for The Children's Health Fund in New York.
Darth Vader at the ‘Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of The Sith’ Premiere Benefit for The Children’s Health Fund in New York | Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage for Children’s Health Fund

We already know ‘The Clone Wars’ will rehash ‘Revenge of the Sith’

It’s not a secret what a lot of this season will deal with. The whole point of the series was to connect Episode II and Episode III. With only one more season granted after its 2013 cancellation, it has to simultaneously happen with Revenge of the Sith for at least parts of it. As the trailer showed, viewers will get to see animated reenactments of moments from the movie. For instance, when Mace Windu discusses the plot to destroy the Jedi or Padmé’s pregnancy

With that in mind, the harrowing moments before and during Order 66, when the Clone troopers slaughter the Jedi, will be touched on. Of course, no one knows how they’re going to do it all since the audience has already seen it in some way. However, there’s no escaping that ending. 

Order 66 and the Jedi purge will feel more personal

The Clone Wars does many things right, but probably the biggest accomplishment was making the Clones individuals. In the movies, they’re only Clones. But the series shows Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano work in close quarters with them and rely on them. They were soldiers with individual brains and consciences, all with nicknames that humanized them. 

Fans are extremely connected to these Clones, so to see them turn on Commanders and Generals they usually have so much loyalty to will be rough. Not only because it’s murder, but because you know that without the chips in their heads, they’d be devastated by what they’re doing. 

We’ve grown more attached to the Padmé and Anakin in ‘The Clone Wars’

Several seasons of a show is a much longer time to establish emotional connections between characters, too. So the Padmé and Anakin in the series are much closer and act as more of a married couple than the two we saw in the movies. Padmé’s strong leadership in the Senate and allegiance to democracy has been documented much more, too. So to know that her own husband will overthrow that which she worked towards is a heavier blow. 

Revenge of the Sith is already heartbreaking when it comes to this relationship. Padmé never gives up on the goodness within Ani, and it’ll all just be played out again. If her funeral is rehashed too, tissues are necessary. 

A Clone Trooper at the 'Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith' New York City Opening Night.
A Clone Trooper at the ‘Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’ New York City Opening Night | James Devaney/WireImage

There isn’t a different ending; you can see the train wreck waiting to happen

Basically what it all boils down to is that there’s no change happening. There isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel. Ahsoka will lose everything again and so will Rex. Obi-Wan will always have the high ground and Darth Vader will be born. Any happiness the series brings at first will be exciting, but there’s no escaping the tragic end.

But the writing of The Clone Wars has always been its strongest aspect. And because of this, the rehashing of events from Revenge of the Sith will come to life in a new way. So even though it’s, of course, sad, it’ll probably bring some of the best scenes in Lucasfilm animated history.