‘In Living Color’: David Alan Grier Reveals What Happened to the Reboot

In Living Color was one of TV‘s most popular sketch comedy shows, next to Saturday Night Live and MadTV. Produced by FOX, it featured an ensemble cast including Keenan Ivory Wayans, Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, and other funnymen as they riffed on recent hot topics. The show ran for five seasons between 1990 and 1994 before going off the air, much to the disappointment of fans. But things started looking up a few years later when reports of a reboot emerged.

Unfortunately, though, it never happened. In an interview, David Alan Grier offered his thoughts on why the In Living Color reboot never materialized, saying the new formula just didn’t work.

David Alan Grier and Jim Carrey together
David Alan Grier at an event with Jim Carrey in April 2012 in New York City | Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

The reboot was supposed to happen years ago

Deadline reported in 2011 that Fox had allegedly agreed to a reboot after Wayans floated the idea to the network. Fox allegedly had a plan to put out two specials in early 2012 and possibly do more in the future depending on their success. The show was described as “a modern-day take on the hit sketch comedy show that will feature a new cast of fresh, young talent, as well as musical performances by special guests.”

But the date came and went without any new episodes. By 2013, it was confirmed that the reboot wouldn’t be happening. But why?

David Alan Grier on why there was never an ‘In Living Color’ reunion

In an April interview with Entertainment Tonight, Grier was asked about the reasons the reboot never happened. “We tried. We tried!” said the Jumanji star. “But they had a new cast, so that was the first complication. And they said ‘Well, maybe we can try to mix the old with the new…’ and it never got further than that.”

It’s disappointing news for many fans, but there have at least been mini-reunions over the years. Grier and Foxx have even teamed up for the new Netflix show Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, a comedy series following a dad as he tries to figure out fatherhood. The show premiered on April 14 and has so far received OK reviews.

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Certain cast members remain hopeful for an ‘In Living Color’ reboot

Looking at the past, it’s hard to tell if a reboot will ever happen. But plenty of cast members have expressed interest in one, including Carrey.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in 2018, Carrey said he “really” wanted the show to come back, even if it did take on a new form. “It really needs to happen, that show needs to exist again… especially now…,” he said. “I love to see it reconstitute itself in another form… I’d go back and hang with them… it opened the door for me,” he said.

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Other stars such as Tommy Davidson have also shared their interest in a reboot. But only time will tell if that happens.