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Elevate a classic with Ina Garten’s turkey sandwich recipe. One of many Barefoot Contessa sandwich recipes, the cookbook author uses storebought ingredients to make turkey sandwiches special. 

Ina Garten’s turkey sandwiches are ready in 15 minutes

Ina Garten smiles as she greets a fan at a book signing
Ina Garten | Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment Video for Food Network

Have a Barefoot Contessa dish in less than 20 minutes with Garten’s turkey sandwich recipe. The Food Network star uses storebought ingredients and one Barefoot Contessa-approved kitchen appliance to make elevated turkey sandwiches.

According to Food Network’s estimate, it takes approximately 15 minutes to make Garten’s Turkey Sandwiches with Brussels Sprout Slaw. There’s no cooking involved, only assembly. 

The closest Garten comes to cooking is toasting ciabatta rolls and putting Brussels sprouts in a food processor. The slaw is combined with a few Barefoot Contessa pantry favorites such as “good” mayonnaise and “good” dijon mustard.  

Make the Food Network star’s turkey sandwiches in 3 steps

Garten’s turkey sandwiches are easy to make. Per her recipe instructions, they’re ready in three steps.

To start, the cooking show host makes the Brussels sprouts slaw. The trick is using a food processor’s slicing blade. That way, Garten has sliced Brussels sprouts for slaw in a matter of seconds. Once the Brussels sprouts have gone through the food processor Garten transfers them to a large bowl. 

Meanwhile, in a separate bowl, she combines “good” mayonnaise (Garten suggests Hellmann’s), whole-grain mustard, vinegar, salt, pepper, and “good” dijon mustard. Once combined she pours the mixture over the sliced Brussels sprouts.

Next, is assembling the sandwiches. Garten puts ciabatta rolls that have been halved and toasted cut side up on a cutting board. Then she spreads a layer of mayonnaise on each half followed by a layer of turkey and slaw. 

After a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper, Garten’s turkey sandwiches are topped with the ciabatta tops. 

Reviewers love the Barefoot Contessa’s sandwich recipe


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The majority of reviewers who have made Garten’s turkey sandwiches at home give them a thumbs up. At the time of writing, the recipe averages 4.5 stars on Food Network’s website.

“This sandwich is absolutely delicious, or as my husband said, ‘This sandwich is amazing,’” one reviewer said. “It’s so different from anything I’ve ever made before, and we loved it.” 

“This is a wonderful way to use leftover turkey,” added another. 

“From the moment I saw Ina making the sandwich on Barefoot Contessa, I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” wrote another before describing them as “So full of flavor and it’s so simple!”

Another reviewer called Garten’s turkey sandwiches “absolutely amazing,” saying they couldn’t “describe the tongue dancing of the slaw and turkey together.”

Others appreciated how easy the food processor made preparing the slaw. “The food processor made slicing the brussels sprouts a cinch,” a reviewer said. “I love this slaw!” wrote another.  “First time making slaw with Brussels sprouts. Love the ease of chopping them in the food processor!”