‘Indian Matchmaking’: Will the Netflix Series Return for Season 2?

Netflix’s reality series, Indian Matchmaking, follows Mumbai matchmaker Sima Taparia as she travels between the United States and India to help singles find love. The show has become a huge hit for Netflix, and fans are naturally wondering if the streamer will bring it back for another season.

Indian Matchmaking
Sima Tapria in ‘Indian Matchmaking’ Yash Ruparelia/Netlfix

What is ‘Indian Matchmaking’ about?

Unlike typical dating shows, Indian Matchmaking is centered around Indian and Indian-American singles who elicit the help of a matchmaker to find them a potential spouse. Most of them have successful careers and are just looking for a partner that would fit in with their family and lifestyles.

Taparia, who has decades of experience matching Indian couples, flies all over the world to meet her clients. She assesses their personalities and requirements and records them in a database that she then uses to make her matches. 

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Who are the stars of ‘Indian Matchmaking’?

Through Taparia, Indian Matchmaking follows a number of different singles from all over the world. The series starts with Aparna Shewakramani, a successful Houston based attorney who knows exactly what she wants in a man. 

“You don’t pick your family,” Aparna says on the show.  “Not your parents or your kids. The only family you can choose is your spouse — make that choice the best possible.”

Aparna Indian Matchmaking'
Aparna from ‘Indian Matchmaking’ | Netflix

The series also follows New Jersey wedding planner Nadia Jagessar, who ends up dating one of Taparia’s matches, but is then heartbroken when he stands her up. Vyasar Ganesan, a Texas teacher and college counselor, also ends up liking one of his matches, but she ultimately backs out of their arrangement.

The show’s India based singles include jewelry designer Pradhyuman Maloo, mama’s boy Akshay Jakhete, and business owner Ankita Bansal.

Will the Netflix series return for Season 2?

With fascinating and entertaining personalities like Aparna and Vyasar, fans are hoping to see the Indian Matchmaking return for a second season. As of now, Netflix has not announced an official renewal. But if the series does well in terms of viewership, there is a good chance the streamer will bring it back for another installment. 

But the good news is that showrunner Smriti Mundhra is ready to move on Season 2 as soon as Netflix gives her the green light. In an interview with Oprah Mag, the Academy Award-nominated series’ creator said she purposely ended the show on a cliffhanger so she could carry it on to a second season.

“That’s our little wink to Netflix to give us another season, please,”  Mundhra said. “This is an ongoing cycle of life for our community and for Sima, specifically. She’s going to continue doing this work, on camera and off. The story continues — I truly hope that we’re lucky enough to get a second season.”

Even if the show is renewed, it’s unclear when production would begin. The number of COVID-19 cases is growing around the world, especially in India. So, showrunners would likely have to wait until the situation is more manageable to film.

For now, fans can tune into the first season of Indian Matchmaking, which is currently streaming on Netflix.