‘Insecure’ Star Natasha Rothwell Admits the Show Provides ‘a Break from This Nightmare’

Over the years, HBO has been a safe haven for new original programming featuring fresh voices. And the network’s decision to give YouTube star Issa Rae her own series, Insecure, is certainly a great example of that in action.

HBO launched the series in 2016, and the comedy-drama has become a beloved and critically acclaimed addition to the television landscape. Now, as star Natasha Rothwell points out, Insecure may be as necessary as ever.

Natasha Rothwell at HBO's Post-Emmy Awards reception
Natasha Rothwell at HBO’s Post-Emmy Awards reception | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

‘Insecure’ covers the modern black experience

Although she co-created the series with Larry Wilmore, Rae’s work on Insecure stems right from her own life. Like her web series, Awkward Black Girl, the show aims to capture life as a black woman in today’s world. Insecure features a balanced tone between comedy and drama, imbuing the social commentary with an at-times light touch.

Yet, despite the humor involved in the show, Rae takes the show’s representation very seriously. In order to maintain its creative integrity, she took an extended break between seasons 3 and 4. And fans are just as passionate about Insecure. Many have even hoped in vain that Rae would extend the episodes out to a full hour each.

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One of its stars speaks about its relevance

Now one of Insecure’s stars has spoken out about why the show is so important. In light of current events, Natasha Rothwell — who plays fan-favorite Kelli — took to Twitter with an extended message about how Insecure “works hard to promote the humanity of black people.”

“Feeling seen, understood and celebrated is medicinal,” Rothwell said. “So, tonight, if you find yourself needing to take a break from this nightmare, if you need to be reminded of your humanity, resilience, beauty, and strength, or if you just need to f**king laugh — we’re here for you.”

Fans of Insecure have long appreciated the show’s ability to tap into the modern black experience. And Rothwell has done a remarkable job of not only capturing that sentiment but also demonstrating why even — perhaps especially — in dark times, shows like it make a difference.

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The series has been renewed for season 5

Thankfully, Insecure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The show is still in the midst of season 4. Yet, HBO has already renewed it for a fifth season, presumably for a 2021 debut. And with HBO Max now available to consumers, Insecure could potentially reach a whole new audience.

That streaming service might be able to tap into Insecure’s growing popularity as well as Rae’s increased profile. In the past couple of years, the actress has begun starring in movies like Little and The Lovebirds. So, despite its title, the future seems very bright indeed for Insecure.

And as Rothwell points out, the HBO series brings a lot to the television landscape. With any luck, Insecure can provide a sense of comfort, escape, and catharsis for fans.