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Chip and Joanna Gaines have earned millions from their multiple business ventures, including the hit HGTV series Fixer Upper —which is coming back to television — and their retail emporium Magnolia Market. The couple also has a bevy of best-selling books, brand partnerships, a magazine, and television network launching soon. All this makes their combined net worth a staggering $20 million.

Fans are surprised to find that even though Chip and Joanna could buy a luxury mansion anywhere in the world, this couple prefers to stay in their modest 1700 square foot farmhouse near Waco, Texas.

It may seem curious that the Gaineses aren’t enjoying their millionaire status in a flashier way — until you take a glimpse inside the dreamy, idyllic homestead that’s priceless to this family of seven.

Chip and Joanna Gaines almost didn’t buy their Waco farmhouse

The Gaineses make a living restoring houses for homeowners, so it only makes sense that they’d do it for themselves as well. This talented pair purchased a rundown farmhouse on 40 acres back in 2012. Prior to finding their forever home, Chip and Joanna lived in nine different houses.

At first glance, the home was nothing special, and Joanna didn’t even want to buy it. At that point, they had just completed a renovation and she wasn’t interested in another project. She also had a hard time seeing the potential. “It was a no for me right from the start,” Joanna wrote in an essay.

“There was no way we were leaving our comfortable finished family home to potentially go broke fixing up a farmhouse and all the uncertainties it came with.”

They restored the home from top to bottom in 2013

As usual, Chip’s persistence paid off and Joanna agreed to the project. And she’s so glad she did. The couple gradually restored every inch of the ramshackle farmhouse. They even documented the process in a series of YouTube videos in 2013.

At the time, no one knew who the Gaineses were, but now fans are excited to go back and watch the Fixer Upper hosts creating their homestead.

The house is simple yet functional

Though Chip and Joanna expanded the layout beyond the original two bedroom design, for the most part it still features a simple layout that’s beautiful yet modest. There’s a large open downstairs area with a living room, dining area, and kitchen that’s always bustling while Joanna tries out new recipes.

As expected, the home includes plenty of shiplap and neutral, farmhouse chic décor.

The boys’ bedroom has built in bunk beds

The Gaines sons share a room that features four built-in bunks with reading lights. The design is unique, with galvanized pipe ladders and railings set against shiplap walls.

Duke and Drake share the room for now, but we can imagine baby Crew will move in with his brothers eventually since there’s plenty of room.

The girls also share a bedroom

Chip and Joanna could afford to build a massive expansion to the farmhouse, but why would they? Instead the family stays close by sharing the space they have. Daughters Emmie Kay and Ella have a sweet, whimsical shared bedroom just like the boys.

The master bedroom is a dreamy retreat

Chip and Joanna created an idyllic retreat to retire to in the evenings. And, they’re happy to share their space with the kids, who often crowd in bed to read and hang out together, as they’ve admitted.

Crew’s nursery is minimal and modern

Joanna loves to mix elements from different genres into her designs, like when she incorporated midcentury modern accents into baby Crew’s nursery. The effect is a calming, simple space that’s ideal for relaxation even during those sleepless nights.

There are so many thoughtful touches in the home

From antique furniture to the broken clock that helps “time stand still,” every detail of the Gaines family home is intentional and special. Fans can just imagine joining the family for a boisterous family meal or a fun game of cards at the well-worn dining table.

The pool is perfect for summer nights

At the Gaines family farm, the outside is just as important as the inside. A snapshot of the family pool at night under the glimmering twinkle lights shows exactly why the family spends so much time outdoors.

There’s a garden house and greenhouse

Joanna is obsessed with growing things. That’s why she and Chip decided to expand their garden shed to accommodate all the fruits and vegetables she wanted to grow. “Now that the kids are a little older, it’s the perfect time to build a larger garden and a garden shed,” she told HGTV before clarifying, “Maybe shed is the wrong word. Maybe it’s garden house.”

This goes well with the 100 year old greenhouse on the property which she also restored.

The Gaines’ working farm leaves plenty of room to roam


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Calling their homestead a farm isn’t to make it seem more romantic. The family really does raise animals, including goats, chickens, and so many dogs Chip brings home all the time. The Gaines kids spend most of their time outside, helping with farm chores or just exploring the natural beauty spread across the 40 acres.

After seeing all they have now, it’s easy to see why these successful home renovators never traded their beloved farmhouse for a modern mansion. What they have now is more precious than gold.