Inside Diddy and Wendy Williams’ 20-Year Feud – and How They Finally Reconciled

When Wendy Williams started a rumor about Sean “Diddy” Combs, he didn’t take too kindly to it. And according to some stories, he was ready to retaliate with violence against her before they eventually buried the hatchet in their long-simmering feud.

What did William say about Diddy, leading to their beef? And how did they decide to let bygones be bygones?

Diddy and Wendy Williams, pictured together at a party, famously feuded
Diddy and Wendy Williams | Johnny Louis/Getty Images

What started Diddy’s feud with Wendy Williams?

When Williams was a radio personality in 1998, she suggested Diddy might be gay. Once news got to him, he supposedly pulled some strings to get her fired. And thus began a feud that lasted 20 years.

Things allegedly escalated to the point that Diddy sent a girl group on his label to confront Williams, she claimed. “Once upon a time, there was [a] music mogul who sent his all-girl group to beat my a** in front of the radio station,” she revealed (per AOL.)

“I finish my shift, round up my headphones to see everyone lined up on the side of the window, looking down at the sidewalk,” she recalled. When she got downstairs, she saw “this girl group jump out of a gypsy cab to kick [her] a**.”

If the rumor mill is correct, that “girl group” was Total, once signed to Bad Boy Records, and the “music mogul” was Diddy.

What led to a ‘full-circle moment’ between Diddy and Wendy Williams following their feud?

As reported by Rap-Up, Williams admitted to holding onto contempt for Diddy because she felt he tried to ruin her career. “The hell he put me through,” she wrote in her book The Wendy Williams Experience, “I will never forget. But I don’t hate him.”

And in 2017, Diddy stopped by Williams’ show to publicly put to rest their two-decade feud. The interview was something she previously said she hoped would happen, though she didn’t think it was possible.

“I know I’ve pissed a lot of people off, including you,” she told Diddy as their interview started. “But this is a full-circle moment.”

He seemed to accept the olive branch and opened up to Williams about a few personal things, including his love for his then-girlfriend, Cassie. “I’m in love now,” he gushed.

Diddy revealed something to Wendy Williams about the night Notorious B.I.G. died

During their reconciliatory chat, Diddy told Williams to ask him anything. And he disclosed something painful in return, talking to her about the trauma of losing his friend, Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. “I always feel some sort of responsibility because I’m in this thing with him,” he told her.

“He was supposed to go to London that night and I let him talk me into not going to London and staying in L.A. That’s something that bothered me throughout my life,” Diddy confessed. “Sometimes, you have to really go with the decision in your gut.”

He shared, “…That’s one of the things I regret, not making sure that he went to London.”

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