Inside Jon Batiste’s $4 Million Net Worth

Jon Batiste has become the most Grammy Award-nominated artist in 2022. The acclaimed jazz musician has released several hit albums and worked on award-winning TV and film projects. This impressive musical journey has earned Batiste a significant net worth

Jon Batiste sings into a microphone while standing on a colorful stage.
Jon Batiste performs during Austin City Limits Festival at Zilker Park | Erika Goldring/WireImage

Jon Batiste’s net worth is $4 million

As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, Batiste’s net worth is $4 million. The multi-talented musician (he plays the piano, bass, organ, and melodica) regularly appears with his band, Stay Human, on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Batiste has released several live and studio albums over the years. He’s also recorded music with some of the biggest names in music, including Prince, Willie Nelson, Stevie Wonder, and Ed Sheeran. 

The Louisiana native — who comes from a family of New Orleans musicians — composed tracks for Disney and Pixar’s animated feature, Soul, in 2020. The film won Batiste and his co-composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross an Academy Award for Best Original Score. It also received three nominations for Grammys in 2022, including one for Batiste’s song, “Bigger Than Us.” 

Batiste’s new album received 8 Grammy nominations 

Batiste released his eighth studio album, WE ARE, in March 2021. The album features tracks including “Freedom,” and “We Are,” which received critical acclaim. The album earned Batiste eight Grammy nominations, including Record of the Year and Album of the Years. 

 In a November 2021 interview with the New York Times, Batiste talked about what went into making WE ARE. And he revealed how much of the album reflects his life. 

“It’s me coming into myself,” Batiste explained. “You go through this process of resurrection as an artist, you go through a birth and a rebirth and a rebirth and you’re constantly becoming. And I was at this transitional point and the album was a timestamp of that moment of being reborn.”

Jon Batiste is the most-nominated Grammy artist of 2022

With three accolades for Soul and eight for WE ARE, Batiste received a total of 11 Grammy nods. These nods make him the most-nominated artist at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. The only other musical acts that earned 11 or more Grammy nominations in one night were Kendrick Lamar (11 nominations in 2016), Baby Face (12 nominations in 1997), and Michael Jackson (12 nominations in 1984). 

When talking to the NY Times, the 35-year-old expressed that he felt “over the moon.” Batiste credited the achievement to his cross-genre sound. 

Batiste called his nominations in multiple categories and genres “so rewarding.” He elaborated, “I’ve always made an effort to show that the genres are all connected, just like people in all of our lineages are connected. I’ve said that many times, and it just feels so great for it to be recognized on music’s biggest stage.”

Batiste also noted that he made both WE ARE and Soul during the pandemic. “We had so many things going on,” he recalled. “It was so much. You always put your blood, sweat, and tears into the craft of making an album, but it was doubly so during that time.” 

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards air Sunday, April 23 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. 

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