Insider Reports Suggest 2 Primary Villains For ‘Captain Marvel 2’

Captain Marvel graced fans with a 1990s vibe, a young and spry Nick Fury, and an alien race out to deceive. Yet, when Captain Marvel 2 rolls around, the threats may be aimed at expanding the character’s presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rather than focusing on Carol Danvers’ origin story and individual growth to heroism, the movie may focus on further meshing the character with existing Avengers. 

Captain Marvel MCU
Captain Marvel MCU | GP Images/Getty Images for Disney Studios

The second installment could also lay the groundwork to explore entities that have been gained since the Fox/Disney merger. So, how is the movie going to do this? Via its villains of course. Based on insider reports, it looks like two villains may come to threaten Captain Marvel in her next solo outing. 

1. Korvac is reportedly on the way 

Well-known Marvel insider Roger Wardell recently took to Twitter to notify fans of his latest scoop, which ended with the most important piece of information: Korvac will play the role of a primary antagonist. Wardell tweeted: 

Starjammers in Captain Marvel 2. Stakar, Aleta, Krugarr, Martinex, Charlie-27 and Mainframe are definitely much more than just a post credit scene. Korvac is indeed meant to be the main villain of the movie.

Wardell Twitter 

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While many characters may appear for brief cameos or post-credits scenes, Korvac will have a major role. So, who is Korvac, and how is he connected to other saviors? Korvac has an interesting history as a man in charge of analytical computer systems under the extraterrestrial Brotherhood of the Badoon. However, the Badoon worked him to the bone, he collapsed on his shift, and he had his lower body replaced with a computerized mechanical hovering system as punishment, which notes. 

Korvac retaliated (using his new half-cyborg form), and a series of unfortunate events eventually finds the character battling Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy in another timeline on Earth. In the comics, he is a natural enemy of the Guardians, which could bring Captain Marvel and our motley crew of heroes together in a future installment. Yet, he may not be the only main villain in the second Danvers film. 

2. Rogue may join as a link to the Brotherhood of Mutants in ‘Captain Marvel 2’

According to insider reports, Rogue will join the MCU in Captain Marvel 2, and the movie will keep the character’s origin story in line with the comics’. Meaning, she will join as a member of the terrorist group, the Brotherhood of Mutant. However, she will likely be in Mystique’s Brotherhood, not Magneto’s.

Rogue is a part of Mystique’s Brotherhood in the comics since Mystique is her mother — the same mother who (via a prophecy) discovers that Captain Marvel will kill her daughter, which leads to conflicts between the three individuals; Rogue even seizes Captain Marvel’s powers at one point.

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If Captain Marvel 2 introduces both Korvac and Rogue, the singular movie could lay the foundation for the X-Men in the MCU, and bring Captain Marvel closer to the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor. These introductions would expand Captain Marvel’s presence in the landscape and amplify her consequence to the saga, which would be in line with Kevin Feige’s statements surrounding the character.