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Musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie is trying his hand at The Munsters in his next feature film. However, some longtime fans questioned his ability to bring the classic comedy television series back for a modern movie. Zombie finally released the trailer for The Munsters and the Internet hates it. Here’s a look at why Twitter is going into such a frenzy over it.

Rob Zombie movies are polarizing

'The Munsters' actor Sheri Moon Zombie and director Rob Zombie, whose trailer is getting slammed. They're smiling for press in front of 'Lords of Salem' poster.
L-R: Sheri Moon Zombie and Rob Zombie | Mike Windle/WireImage

The Munsters isn’t the first time that audiences felt strongly about Zombie’s movies. His movies frequently create polarizing reactions. It all started with 2003’s House of 1000 Corpses which embraced its B-movie slasher aesthetic. Some audiences loved every bit of it, while others heavily criticized the film. However, Zombie saw a bit of an uptick with his sequel, The Devil’s Rejects.

Zombie would continue to see polarizing reactions with his take on the classic Halloween franchise. He moved back to original storytelling with The Lords of Salem, 31, and 3 from Hell, although they also earned polarizing reactions.

The musician and filmmaker regularly includes his wife, Sheri Moon, in acting roles. This is a major complaint from many moviegoers, as they criticize both Zombie’s judgment to cast his wife and her acting abilities. Zombie brings his wife back for The Munsters as Lily Munster, which already raised a red flag for many longtime franchise fans.

Social media is in an uproar over Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’ trailer

The trailer for Zombie’s The Munsters hit the Internet and social media is in an absolute frenzy over it. The footage is much more family-friendly than anything he’s made before, but it seems to capture more of the rebooted era than the classic sitcom. It’s intentionally campy, but that isn’t quite why the Internet hates the trailer for Zombie’s The Munsters.

Twitter is lashing out against the new trailer for a variety of reasons. One Twitter user wrote that the “throwback aesthetic” comes across more as a porn parody with the sex cut out. Another user slammed the acting and the cinematography for not feeling like they’re coming from a major studio like Universal Pictures. Others even compared the lighting and cinematography to looking like the movie came from an iPhone camera.

However, some Zombie fans are still curious to see what The Munsters has to offer, even though they still question the sneak peek footage. It’s only a trailer and they’re holding out for a fun final product that combines the franchise’s tone with the filmmaker’s signature style. One tweet explained how they love how Zombie totally embraced the wild nature of whatever he’s trying to tackle.

Where can you watch ‘The Munsters?’


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Zombie is expected to release The Munsters via Universal Pictures in September 2022. It will hit silver screens across the United States, but that won’t be the only option available. The distributor also plans on releasing the movie day-and-date with its Peacock streaming release.

Many Zombie fans expected to see an adult version of The Munsters, but they were wrong. The movie earned a PG rating and is aimed at entertaining the whole family. However, moviegoers will have to wait to see if that was the right move when the complete film hits theaters and Peacock.