‘Invincible’: Who Is Battle Beast?

Invincible is Amazon’s latest hit show. While it may appear to have a familiar premise — unsuspecting boy becomes a superhero — it has a lot more going for it than that. It has an original take on a classic story, challenging viewers who have come to expect a predictable tale when it comes to larger-than-life comic book characters. 

The show has plenty of great personalities that help its main character develop. One of those is known as Battle Beast.

But who is Battle Beast, and what is the character’s role on the show? Let’s take a closer look at the show, the show’s villains, and how Battle Beast figures into the hero’s narrative arc. 

Battle Beast
Battle Beast is a super villain on ‘Invincible.’ | Amazon Studios

What is the premise of ‘Invincible?’ 

Mark Grayson seems to be a normal boy. He’s a teenager, obsessed with comic books and one impossibly beautiful girl who won’t give him the time of day. The only thing that keeps him from being completely ordinary? His father is an alien superhero from the Viltrumite race known as Omni-Man.

A mustachioed version of Superman, Omni-Man can seemingly do everything. Mark is aware of his father’s superhero status and his secret identity of a human man named Nolan. 

While Mark initially believes he hasn’t inherited his father’s powers, he slowly comes to realize that he does in fact have superhuman ability as a half-Viltrumite. Mark becomes his own superhero, referring to himself by the name Invincible.

Mark soon comes to find out that being a superhero is not all it’s cracked up to be. Meanwhile, viewers see that Omni-Man may not be quite the superhero he appears to be after he ruthlessly murders a team of A-list superheroes, who coincidentally are heavily reminiscent of Marvel and DC heroes.

Of course, every great hero has a villain. Invincible has at least one that acts as an amalgamation of many classic supervillains. 

One of Invincible’s biggest villains is known as Machine Head

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No superhero is truly complete without a worthy adversary. Superman has Lex Luthor. Batman has the Joker. Spider-Man has the Green Goblin. In the case of Invincible, he has several foils who can keep up with him. One of them is called Machine Head. 

Who is Machine Head? According to Men’s Health, he possesses “the sinister nature of a Lex Luthor combined with a sort of Daft Punk look and autotune energy.” He has the look of an evil robot, but he wears a suit like a mafia kingpin.

He’s something of an intergalactic crime boss, combining some of the best traits of villains such as Doctor Doom, Black Mask, and others. His voice sounds about as robotic as one’s voice can, with a metallic flavor that helps give him a rather insidious vibe. 

In the show’s fifth episode, Machine Head comes into contact with Invincible, hiring several villains to fight the show’s titular hero. 

Who is Battle Beast?

According to Screen Rant, Machine Head taps some serious baddies to take down Invincible in episode five. One of those is known as Battle Beast.

Battle Beast is a violent, strong alien who is well-versed in combat. He nearly brings about Invincible’s demise as well, only stopping when he deems the hero beneath him. 

Battle Beast is a character straight from the pages of the Invincible comics. He looks something like an evil Thundercat. 

Though Battle Beast nearly defeats Invincible, he doesn’t take the hero down for good. It’s a safe bet to say that Battle Beast will likely be back in some way or another. Fans of the character can rest assured that the popular villain will likely make a triumphant return to make Invincible’s life a lot harder.