Is Amy Schumer’s Husband More Popular with Food Network Fans Than She Is?

Amy Schumer is a popular comedian and writer, who rose to fame on the Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer. Schumer has been very open with fans about her personal life and has kept people apprised of her fertility and pregnancy struggles over the years.

These days, Schumer is happily married to professional chef Chris Fischer, and the two are working on their own projects together — including a cooking show on Food Network that has fans buzzing. 

How did Amy Schumer become famous?

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer
Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer | Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

Amy Schumer was born in New York City in 1981. Schumer dealt with some tragedy during her early years, including her father’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis, but she maintained a sense of humor about it all. It was her sense of humor that would help her to get her start in the entertainment business, beginning with stand-up comedy in the early 2000s.

Schumer first started getting fans following her appearance in the fifth season of Last Comic Standing. Her performance on the series led to a variety of other appearances on shows such as Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld and A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus. She also appeared in a few movies, including Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

In 2012, Schumer launched her very own series on Comedy Central, Inside Amy Schumer. The show became hugely popular, launching the comedian to the next level of fame and earning her several awards. 

Amy Schumer and her husband recently launched their own cooking show

Amy Schumer has had several high-profile relationships over the years, including a long-term romance with fellow comedian Anthony Jeselnik. However, in early 2018, Schumer tied the knot with professional chef Chris Fischer, surprising many of her fans.

After their Malibu ceremony in February, the happy couple didn’t wait long to expand their family, and in October of the same year, they announced that they were expecting a baby.

In May 2019, after a difficult pregnancy battling extreme nausea, Schumer gave birth to a boy named Gene Fischer. Since having her son, Schumer has continued to work on comedy projects, but she has also introduced several ventures that are more family-focused, such as Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, a Food Network show that features Schumer cooking alongside her husband.

The show premiered in May 2020, and was renewed after only one month. 

What do Food Network fans have to say about Amy Schumer’s husband?


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Amy Schumer Learns to Cook is filmed at the Schumer’s home, featuring Amy Schumer learning cooking tips and techniques from her award-winning chef husband.

Fans quickly gravitated to the show, but according to a recent Reddit discussion, it is actually Schumer’s husband that resonates with viewers, rather than Schumer herself. One poster praised the show, stating that “it’s just comforting and funny even though some parts can be a little odd at times. But whatever nobody is perfect and she captures that in a funny way!” Another said that, “she is somehow endearing even when her jokes ‘go too far’, and I like him too.”

Although Schumer has earned good marks with viewers, it is Chris Fischer that has emerged as the show’s rising star. One fan stated that “I think I enjoyed season 1 a little bit more, Amy seems more extreme this season and less of a help in the kitchen! I’ve still enjoyed the show overall and I really like her husband! He’s been fun to watch!”

Another said that “he’s a damn good chef and I love his chill demeanor.”

Ultimately, fans will have even more to discuss as Amy Schumer’s new series continues to climb in popularity. It is quite possible that the comedian and her husband could work on even more projects for the Food Network in the coming months.