‘Is Anyone up’ Founder Hunter Moore Made $100,000 After Getting Stabbed With a Pen by ‘All These F***Ing Mexicans’

If you saw the Netflix documentary The Most Hated Man on the Internet, it’s probably not surprising that Hunter Moore, founder of “Is Anyone Up,” was once stabbed. Learn more about who came after the former webmaster and why, plus the amount of money Moore earned from the situation. 

Hunter Moore, founder of IsAnyoneUp.com, with knives on his back and a cigarette in his mouth
Hunter Moore | Netflix

‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet’ details more of Hunter Moore’s past with ‘Is Anyone Up’  

Netflix released the three-part documentary in July 2022. Director Rob Miller and producer Vikki Miller share the stories of IsAnyoneUp.com’s victims.

Over two years, IsAnyoneUp.com published “hundreds of nonconsensual nude photographs and videos, some submitted by malicious third parties, and some hacked from victims’ own computers” (via Netflix). “At the time, they didn’t have a voice,” Rob said. “The spotlight was very much on Hunter Moore.”

Moore and his accomplice Charlie “Gary Jones” Evens were responsible for a majority of the hacked content on the site. Eventually, this resulted in a lawsuit against Moore and Evens. 

IsAnyoneUp.com woman’s family stabbed Hunter Moore

“I got stabbed in my driveway,” Moore said on the Yoshi Didn’t podcast in 2013. “It was with a pen.” 

Moore recalled the entire stabbing story: “I live in the f***ing hood … it’s called Woodland, California. It’s this s***hole Mexican town. … I’m hungover and I come out of my house to get the mail and this f***ing van … pulls up and there’s all these f***ing kids screaming.” 

Moore said “all these f***ing Mexicans” came out of the vehicle and “out of nowhere” when he was attacked. “I treated the girl like s***, [so] I didn’t press charges or anything,” Moore explained. Allegedly, this woman previously did cocaine off of Moore’s penis. The images were then shared on the X-rated site. 

“I felt badass,” Moore said of the stabbing, which required surgery and left a “caterpillar-size scar” (via Village Voice). “I think I was in shock or something. They gave me a ride to the hospital and I still didn’t feel this protruding Bic pen in my arm.” 

Hunter Moore claims he made $100,000 on the pen stabbing story 

IsAnyoneUp.com was not solely nude photos and videos. It also served as a blog for Moore. After the pen stabbing, he shared the story on the now defunct website, which he claimed earned him a significant amount of money. 

“They stitched me up and then I made like, literally a hundred grand on the story, just writing about getting stabbed and [posting] the pictures,” he said in 2013. “It was the biggest traffic day I ever had until I did Anderson Cooper.” 

‘Is Anyone Up’s monthly earnings

According to Forbes, Moore claimed he made “up to $13,000 per month posting nude photos of the willing and unwilling juxtaposed with screenshots of their social networking pages.” As revealed to the Voice, there didn’t seem to be a limit to what Moore was willing to do to turn a profit. 

Moore did not want anyone to get hurt “physically” by the site. However “if somebody killed themselves …. Do you know how much money I’d make?” He added: 

“At the end of the day, I do not want anybody to hurt themselves. But if they do? Thank you for the money. …. So if someone f***ing killed themselves? …. All the Googling, all the redirects … I’d get paid for that day.”

Hunter Moore, Village Voice

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