Is Belle Delphine Just Trolling Everyone Or Is She Completely Clueless?

In an age where anyone can become famous for almost anything at all, cosplay models have created a niche all of their own. Foremost among these is Belle Delphine, a young girl from South Africa who rose to fame by posting a series of photos of herself wearing baby-doll style anime costumes.

Unlike her fellow cosplayers, Delphine has made a name for herself by pulling some truly outrageous online stunts. It has many people wondering if she actually believes her own publicity, or if she’s simply doing all of it as some sort of out-there social commentary. Find out more about who Belle Delphine is, some of her crazier stunts, and why people think that she’s trolling the internet.

Who is Belle Delphine?

Belle Delphine
Belle Delphine | @bunnydelphine via Twitter

Belle Delphine was born in South Africa in 1999. There’s remarkably little information available about her early life and how she spent her childhood, but she started posting to Instagram in 2015. She created a YouTube account in 2016 and, by the time mid-2018 rolled around, Delphine had created a persona that would really start to shake up geek and cosplay culture.

Starting in 2018, Delphine started to expand her social media content well beyond pictures of costumes and scantily-clad selfies. A video that she posted of herself eating a raw egg drew an incredible number of likes. She followed up that stunt with other, similarly bizarre ones, such as placing sticker googly eyes on a dead octopus.

In an interview, Delphine admitted that her “weirder content” gets a bigger reaction, and that could be one reason why she pursued that direction. Still, she was careful to maintain her image as a playful, NSFW social media star, and continued to post lots of pictures designed to draw in new followers and fans. 

Did Belle Delphine really sell her bathwater?

In July 2019, Delphine enacted her most out-there stunt yet when she posted jars of her bathwater for sale. Even more shocking than the stunt itself was the fact that all the jars sold out immediately.

Delphine claimed that she got the idea from her fans, and after the first round sold out in record time, she said that she would soon be posting more. The bathwater caused a lot of controversies, with some people claiming that the water gave them herpes. Delphine spoke out in acknowledgment of the claims and denied that her bathwater would have given anyone an STD. 

Is Belle Delphine elaborately trolling people?

Inexplicably, Delphine dropped off the radar over the late summer, with her Instagram account indefinitely suspended. While fans have been wondering where Delphine went and what she’s up to, she has been posting infrequently to her Twitter account.

On October 7th, Delphine posted a tweet that said “I got arrested lol,” linking to a cheeky mugshot. Still, even that could be embellished. Reportedly, Delphine’s mugshot does not appear in any public database of mugshots and that the Metropolitan Police doesn’t watermark their mugshots in the first place. 

It is very possible that Delphine is playing the system, playing elaborate pranks on fans in order to keep herself relevant or to draw more likes on social media. Some people have even speculated that she’s much brighter than anyone really realizes and is making a statement about internet culture and the role that women have played in the stereotyping of “gamer” and anime culture.

While it is impossible to say, at this point, where exactly Delphine is coming from, fans may begin to learn more in the coming months. For now, Delphine is silent on social media, but that could change any day now.