Is Eminem Still the Most Famous Rapper in the World?

Ask anyone who the greatest rappers of all time are, and Eminem will almost always be on the list. He changed the way we view rap music, and he was incredibly influential to today’s top artists. At one time, he was the most famous rapper in the world. But is that still true today? And what about his career? Where is it headed? In this article, we’ll answer all your Eminem questions and more. 

The record-setting career of Eminem

Eminem | Paul Warner/WireImage

When Eminem came onto the rap scene in the late nineties, fans were blown away by his instant success. His major-label debut album, The Slim Shady LP, won a Grammy for the best rap album, and the awards just kept going from there. His second album, The Marshall Mathers LP, became the fastest-selling solo album in United States history. He’s also picked up Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Billboard Awards, along with many others. 

In addition to Grammys and record-breaking sales, Eminem also made headlines by breaking Guinness World Records. In 2013, his song Rap God broke the record for most words packed into a hit single. The song boasts a speedy 1,560 words into the 6 minute and 4-second song. And that’s not his only Guinness Record, he holds an additional 10 records from that organization alone. 

Is Eminem the most famous rapper in the world?

Figuring out who’s the most famous record in the world is a bit tricky. To some extent, it’s a matter of opinion. There’s not really an easy way to judge or count exactly how many people have heard of each rapper. However, according to Ranker, Eminem currently holds the tops spot for the most famous rapper in the world. 

Other lists are a bit easier to judge. The richest rapper in the world can be counted since it’s an actual dollar amount. According to Wealthy Gorilla, Eminem is currently the seventh richest rapper in the world with a net worth of $210 million. The top spot goes to Jay Z, who’s worth $1 billion. 

Billboard is arguably the authority on good music. So to find the ranking of the best rapper in the world, we turn to them. Eminem is number three on Billboard’s list of the 10 best rappers of all time, with Notorious B.I.G. taking the number one spot. 

The future of Eminem’s career

At the age of 46, Eminem continues to make new music, but he has slowed down since his heyday in the early 2000s. His most recent song is a collaboration with Ed Sheeran and 50 Cent, called Remember the Name. It appears on Sheeran’s new album, No. 6 Collaborations. Eminem has also released a song this year with Rihanna and Migos, called Legends. Most of Eminem’s newer music has been collaborations with other artists. 

At this time, Eminem is probably past the high point of his career. It’s unlikely that he’ll ever see the huge numbers that he sold during the late nineties and early 2000’s again. But, he’s moved on to another stage of his career- a legend.

He’s an iconic hero to many of today’s top-selling artists. Ask any rapper (and even other genres all well) that are popular today who their influences are, and you almost always hear Eminem’s name. He changed the way music was done, and the world will always treasure his work because of that. Now is his time to shine as one of the greats. The rapper that all of today’s artists dream of working work.