Is ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ Canceled? TLC Just Renewed the Show for Season 3

Get ready for more uncomfortable family moments on TLC. The network has renewed three popular reality series, including I Love a Mama’s Boy, which focuses on women involved with men who have ultra-close relationships with their mothers. 

‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ Season 3 coming to TLC 

Kim and Matt sitting on a couch with a white dog in 'I Love a Mama's Boy'
Kim and Matt in ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ Season 1 | TLC via YouTube

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Deadline reported the news that I Love a Mama’s Boy — which wrapped up its second season on Nov. 7 — would be returning for another season. Season 2 of the show, which premiered August 29, averaged 1.45 million viewers per episode. A premiere date for season 3 hasn’t been announced. 

I Love a Mama’s Boy has generated a strong reaction from TLC viewers, with many people urging the women dating the men to run and criticizing the mothers for being unable to let their sons go. 

“If these stories are really true – All these women should RUN FOR THEIR LIVES!! Leave these men to grow old with their momma’s!!,” one person commented on a recent Instagram post from TLC

“​​These moms need serious mental help!!! It’s sad how dependent they are on their sons,” commented another.

The ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ Season 3 cast hasn’t been announced 

So far, TLC hasn’t revealed which cast members might be back for I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 3. Season 2 included three trios from season 1: Emily, Shekeb, and his mom Laila; Kim, Matt, and his mom Kelly; and Stephanie, Mike, and his mom Liz. New cast additions for season 2 were Tia, Theous, and his mom Carolyn, and Tracy, Bryan, and his mom Jayne.    

One person who might not be back is Kim. In the season 3 finale, she finally decided to end her relationship with Matt after five years together. In an interview with The Sarah Fraser Show (via Instagram) after the finale aired, Kim confirmed that she and her former fiancé are no longer together.

“The engagement is officially off,” she said. While she wasn’t writing off a possible reconciliation with her ex, she said it wasn’t likely. “Right now, it’s leaning toward no. I don’t really foresee that … I need to recognize my self-worth. There are men out there who aren’t like this.”

‘sMothered’ Season 4 and ‘Extreme Sisters’ Season 2 also coming to TLC

collage image of the three returning mom and daughter pairs from smothered season 3
Sunhe and Angelica; Christina and Kathy; and Cher and Dawn from ‘sMothered Season 3’ | TLC

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In addition to I Love a Mama’s Boy, TLC is bringing back two other shows about unusual family relationships. Extreme Sisters premiered in April and will return for a second season. sMothered, about moms and daughters who have closely intertwined lives, will be back for season 4.  

“Each of these returning series deliver fresh twists on family and relationship programming,” said Howard Lee, president of TLC Streaming and Network Originals, in a statement. “Sometimes, loving someone can go a little too far, and these docuseries offer a front-row seat along with a zany combination of heart, comedy, excitement, and even suspense. We know our fans relish in watching these relationships unfold, and we are brimming with excitement to revisit some of these cast members and meet new ones.”

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