Is James Duggar Courting? A Young Woman Posted Photos of Him to Her Instagram

We know the Duggars best for their huge family and faith-based practices. And fans adore when any of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids start courting. Now, some of the Duggar kids we remember as children are growing up fast — and James Duggar is already 19. It seems he was out with a mystery woman recently as well, and it could be evidence that he started courting.

The Duggars are known for their brief courtships and odd rituals

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My own mother, Ethel Ruark, was a loving wife and dedicated mother of 7, of whom I was the youngest. She passed away nearly three decades ago, when my journey in mothering had only just begun. In those early days of grieving her loss, it was difficult to imagine parenting my children without her. I wanted her to know her grand babies and for them to know her. I longed for her to be there for me as my mom, a seasoned mother to lean on and to go to for advice in raising my own kids. I desired for her to see my kids grow up, to be there for all the birthday parties and families gatherings, to celebrate all their milestones and achievements. She was a wonderful grandma. She is greatly loved and dearly missed. This Mother’s Day is our first without Jim Bob’s mother, Grandma Mary Duggar. What a gift and a treasure she was to our family. I first got to know her when I went to work at a yogurt shop where she was the manager. As a new Christian, I was so impressed by her godly example and wanted to learn from her. She was a bold witness for Christ, and even when difficult situations would arise, I would hear her say “Praise the Lord in all things!” Little did I know that I would soon fall in love with and marry her son, and would be blessed to call her my mother-in-law! What a gift and a kindness of God. She was a devoted grandma and truly became like a mother to me after my own mom’s passing. We miss her dearly. This Mother’s Day, I’m thinking on the next generation of mothers, and I’m so grateful to God for each one of my daughters and daughters-in-love! They are godly, wonderful mothers, raising the next generation to know and love the Lord. My heart rejoices as I watch them love on and nurture their own little ones— cuddling them, laughing with them, playing with them, helping them learn to respond kindly and gently to others, patiently working out squabbles or disagreements between cousins, reading the Bible to them, singing with them, praying with them. It brings a smile to my face every time I get the joy of being with these sweet Mamas! They are truly some of my best friends! Happy Mother’s Day to each of you girls!

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Duggar courtships are nothing like how teens date today. Jim Bob and Michelle believe in “dating with a purpose,” so no casual dating happens for any of the Duggars. And it’s typical for the Duggar kids to only court one person for just a few months before deciding that’s the person they want to spend the rest of their life with.

Once Jim Bob approves of who his kids want to court, there are additional rules at play as well. The Duggar kids aren’t allowed to touch, hug, or hold hands with the person they’re courting. And all dates are chaperoned either by another child in the family, Jim Bob and Michelle, or a trustworthy family friend.

There have been plenty of times when the Duggars have broken their courtship rules, too. When Jeremy Vuolo got down on one knee for Jinger Duggar, she infamously hugged him, which was a major no-no according to Jim Bob and Michelle.

James Duggar was rumored to be courting at the end of 2019

Courtships make great TV, and fans are anxiously waiting for another Duggar kid to announce they’re courting. Many hope Jana is the next to find a man, as she’s 30 years old and still living under her parents’ roof. Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar are also under the watchful eye of fans, as they just moved out into their own place. But it seems James is also being talked about.

James is just 19, but it’s typical for the Duggars to start courtships at a young age. Fans suspected he may be dating Kendra Caldwell’s little sister, Lauren Caldwell, at the end of 2019. While James never had a huge role on 19 Kids and Counting, it seems he made more appearances on Counting On at the end of last year — and he was frequently spied with Lauren.

This isn’t the first time Lauren has had rumored involvement with the Duggars, either. Back in May 2019, some thought Lauren was seeing Jason Duggar, as they were seen in Greece together. But it seems that rumor has been laid to rest.

A new photo shows James with a mystery woman

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we sangin (jamez )

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A mystery woman by the name of Madi Crane posted a photo of James to her Instagram on July 31. The photo shows James singing along with some friends. “We sangin (jamez),” she captioned the photo.

Duggar family critics immediately saw the post and made their own assumptions. Many noticed that Crane seems close with the Duggar family as a whole, as she has multiple photos of other members of the family on her Instagram.

“Just snooping through her IG, then who I’m assuming is her sister. It seems like they go to the Duggars’ church,” one Reddit user noted.

“Def surprised to see them hanging with other people but maybe it’s a church event?” another guessed.

It seems there’s not much speculation that James is actually seeing Crane, so perhaps she really is just affiliated with the Duggars through their church. We’ll have to wait and see what other information comes through the grapevine — but for now, it’s safe to assume she and James probably aren’t courting.

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