Is Jessa Duggar Changing Her Style? She Called Jinger Duggar’s Wardrobe ‘So Classy’

Those who follow the Duggars know Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar imposed seriously strict rules upon their kids. From courtships rules to the media they were allowed to consume as children, the Duggar children’s guidelines have drawn a ton of criticism from fans. And now that many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are adults, we’re all wondering how far they’re willing to bend the rules they grew up with now.

Jinger Duggar moved to Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. And she’s proving she’s willing to change up her personal style to fit a more modern lifestyle despite what she was taught as a child. Now, it looks like Jessa may be hinting at the possibility of a more modern style as well. Here’s what she commented to Jinger on Instagram about Jinger’s clothing.

Jinger Duggar explained to Michelle Duggar why she chooses to wear pants

It’s up for debate regarding which Duggar kid is stepping the furthest away from their strict upbringing — but Jinger appears to be a contender. Not only did she move all the way out west despite the majority of her family residing in Arkansas, but her Instagram shows she’s taking on a more modern style. She’s frequently seen in pants and sleeveless tops, which were never allowed in her youth. And on June 9, she even posted a photo of herself wearing shorts while exercising.

So, what does Michelle think of Jinger’s style? Jinger and her mother actually had a conversation about wearing pants — and, shockingly, Michelle seems totally OK with it.

“We had conversations before I started wearing pants and just shared my heart with them where I saw the Lord leading me,” Jinger shared on Counting On. “I was really grateful for their response … they said just to walk with the Lord … and to seek to honor Him and to maintain modesty, and so I think I’m really grateful for their hearts and how they’ve just instilled that in us kids.”

Jessa Duggar generally sticks to long skirts

Jinger is sporting pants with frequency, and Jill Duggar appears to be doing the same. Jessa seems to be making some strides toward a more modern lifestyle as well. While she’s still very religious, she and her husband, Ben Seewald, make an effort to branch out with their homecooked meals and consume media Jessa was never exposed to.

However, as far as Jessa’s wardrobe is concerned, it seems she’s still rocking the long skirts and sweaters for the most part. Occasionally, though, she’s shocked fans by showing off pants. Back in March 2020, she posted a photo to Instagram of her, Ben, and all three of their children — and it’s clear she’s wearing pants.

“Pants!!!!” one fan excitedly exclaimed.

“I’m sure you’re an absolutely lovely person for many reasons no matter what you’re wearing, but it makes me so happy when you wear pants,” another added.

Could Jessa consider changing her style?


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As far as fans know, Jessa’s perfectly content with the way she chooses to dress. But we know she and Jinger are quite close, so perhaps Jinger’s big-city lifestyle will wear on Jessa a bit.

Not only that, but Jessa commented on Jinger’s Instagram post from May 16. The post shows Jinger dressing her daughter, Felicity. “Felicity has ALREADY been giving me input on what she wants to wear,” Jinger captioned the post. “Not even two years old and she’s a little fashionista! It’s so cute to see her enjoying it. Every day, when I go into her closet to pick out her outfit, she follows me and makes her opinion known.”

To that, Jessa commented, “Her wardrobe is so classy, just like her Mama’s.” And she added a heart-eyed emoji at the end of the sentence.

The comment got over 500 “likes.” And Jinger answered back, “aw thank you!”

Perhaps Jessa will take a trip out to Los Angeles and pick up a few style tips from her sister!

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