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The Duggars are a complicated bunch, and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been showing off their gigantic family for years. Now, it’s their adult children who are taking over the spotlight. And we’re ultra-interested in Jinger Duggar’s modern life, as she moved out to Los Angeles with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and young daughter, Felicity.

Aside from Jinger, her younger brother, Josiah, and his wife, Lauren, are on our radar. The couple wed over a year ago, and they’ve been happily together ever since. Now, Lauren’s sharing bits and pieces of her life with Josiah via Instagram. And she recently showed off a hairstyle that’s making some of her followers think she’s trying to copy Jinger.

Jinger Duggar bleached her hair blonde

The Duggar kids had ultra-strict rules growing up. The girls were required to wear long skirts instead of pants, and they were tops that covered their shoulders to stay modest. As for their hair, they all kept it long, as this was influenced by their religious ways. But Jinger decided to go her own way now that she’s a California woman.

In addition to wearing pants and super-stylish clothes, Jinger completely changed up her hair. Back in 2019, just before her huge move, Jinger debuted bleached blonde hair on her Instagram.

This was the first time a Duggar woman dyed her hair. And that wasn’t the only change. On Feb. 3, Jinger debuted what looks to be a fresh dye job in addition to a new cut. “As Valentine’s Day slowly approaches, I thought it would be nice to go for a new hairdo!” she captioned her Instagram post showing off her look.

Some think Lauren Duggar is trying way too hard

The Duggars are known for their ultra-short courtships. While Lauren and Josiah Duggar are young, they appear to be happy — but many are skeptical of their relationship. Lauren was just 18 years old when she married Josiah. And it seems many think she’s trying too hard now that she’s in the Duggar family and with her own social media presence.

Users took to Reddit to critique a photo of Lauren and her daughter, Bella, from the couple’s Instagram. The photo depicts Lauren wearing the same outfit as Bella.

“It’s funny because before she married into the Duggar fam she would (and FAR be it from me to compliment Lauren) actually show up looking pretty current and put together,” one Reddit user noted. “But once she got all intermingled with the Duggars and saw how fashionable and trendy the Bates girls are, I think she started trying too hard and it shows.”

Is Lauren’s new hairstyle copying Jinger’s?

According to Lauren’s Instagram Story she posted on Feb. 28, Jinger and her daughter are in town. And it looks like Lauren may have wanted to freshen up her look before Jinger arrived. She posted a video of her new hair color to her Instagram a day prior.

“Many of you are wondering if I went blonde!” Lauren captioned her Instagram Story post, according to Reddit. “I think this filter makes it look more blonde than what it is, but it’s just more of an ash toned balayage.”

It seems Lauren’s hairdo is making many Duggar followers wonder if she’s trying to be more like Jinger.

“She’s 19. Some that age try to figure out what they like by copying others, I guess,” one Reddit user wrote. “Kids that age do that. Too bad she’s already married and a mother instead of learning about herself in college.”

“At least her copying looks better than the original this time,” another wrote. “Still not good, but nowhere near the gross mess that is Jinger’s hair.”

Another questioned, “does lauren have any originality?”

Whether Lauren’s copying Jinger’s style or not, we’re loving all the new hairstyles the Duggar women are going for. We’re excited to see if any other Duggar women change up their ‘dos in the future.

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