Is Kanye West a Good Tipper? Former Bodyguard Reveals Billionaire Rapper’s Truth

Kanye West is one of the most famous rappers of this century, as well as one of the most controversial. He has been involved in many feuds and has made a number of high-profile adversaries, including Taylor Swift. To many, West is undeniably a musical genius, but to others, he’s difficult, inflammatory, and prone to lengthy social media rants. Recently, a West insider opened up about another one of West’s bad habits, one that undoubtedly put him at odds with waitstaff everywhere. 

What is Kanye West’s net worth?

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West first rose to fame as a rebellious, intense young rapper. His first album, The College Dropout, was a massive hit and earned him millions of fans all over the world.

From the beginning, West showed a tendency to act out and even made a habit out of appearing at awards shows clutching a bottle of alcohol. He also showed interest in many other industries in addition to music and began collaborating on a specialty line of sneakers. 

These days, West is the entrepreneur behind a clothing line and has recently embarked on a brand-new journey as a spiritual leader. Many have speculated that West is in the process of developing and launching his own church.

While he would undoubtedly receive massive backlash for such a move, it is clear that West does what he wants, without paying a lot of attention to the criticism. He has become a very wealthy man, with a reported net worth of around $3.2 billion

Sources say that Kanye West is a bad tipper

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West might be rolling in the dough, but it seems as though he prefers to spend his money on new houses and business ventures rather than some common courtesies. Recently, one of West’s former bodyguards spoke out about the rapper’s spending habits, revealing that West has “ridiculous rules” and that he was one of his “least favorite” people to work with.

The bodyguard revealed that West is very moody and has been known to wander around hotels in an intoxicated state, causing problems with other guests as well as hotel staff. It should be noted that in a recent GQ profile, West shared he quit drinking.

The bodyguard also referred to West as quite possibly the “worst tipper” that he has ever worked with. The bodyguard didn’t reveal the percentage that West would tip, or whether the rapper left tips for waitstaff at all.

Still, it wasn’t all bad news for West — his former bodyguard did admit that West was probably the most hardworking star he ever contracted with.

What is proper tipping etiquette?

Kanye West laughing
Kanye West | Randy Holmes/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

West is hardly the only celebrity bad tipper. Celebs like Tiger Woods, Rachael Ray, Kirsten Dunst, and Madonna are all reported to be terrible tippers, often leaving less than 10 percent of the total bill.

While it is true that leaving a tip when dining out is considered to be good etiquette, and for many, it is a common courtesy, tipping can also be highly personal. Many etiquette guides recommend tipping between 15 and 20 percent at a restaurant, with 15 percent being for average or even below-average service, and twenty percent for good service.

Of course, restaurant patrons are encouraged to tip more for truly exceptional service — especially knowing that most restaurant servers are generally paid less than minimum wage, and make the majority of their paycheck from tips. The same percentage rules apply for valet service, home delivery, taxi drivers, and other such services.

There are occasions when tipping is not generally “required,” like at coffee shops where tip jars are left out, but experts always recommend tipping if you feel it is appropriate. Clearly, West either needs to brush up on the rules of etiquette, or he just intends to go by his own set of rules.