Is Kanye West Really Bad for Kim Kardashian’s Brand?

Kanye West is no longer known for his music. Now the buzz surrounding West is usually about the state of his mental health.

Despite the frequent negative publicity, Kim Kardashian West continues to defend her husband’s actions and has stated that she will stand by him and make sure he gets the help he needs. It’s a sweet sentiment, but Kardashian West fans can’t help but wonder if his behavior spells bad news for her popular brand.

Kanye’s questionable statements

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West | Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

The past few years have been filled with a variety of rants from West. On the Fourth of July, West announced that he would be running for president. Social media was buzzing with the news, but no one knew whether it was a serious statement or not.

Forbes recently spoke with West in a four-hour-long interview. West made several bizarre statements during his interview. First, he said he is done supporting Trump. 

Next, West went on to share his views about vaccines, specifically that he thinks they are “the mark of the beast.” He also mentioned that he believes Planned Parenthood is basically a front for the devil.

How do the Kardashians respond to Kanye’s behavior?

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Kim Kardashian West has remained fairly silent throughout the years regarding her husband’s behavior.

Recently, though, Kardashian West recently addressed the public, asking them for compassion, according to The Guardian. She explained how difficult it is to watch a loved one suffer from bipolar disorder.

She has always appeared supportive of her husband, even after his most astonishing episodes. Yet sources close to her stated that she is “at the end of her rope” and upset at the disrespect that West is showing toward their family. 

Is Kanye having a negative effect on Kim’s brand? 

According to TMZ, the couple keeps their money and businesses completely separate, so his behavior isn’t likely to have much of an effect on her business dealings. 

Although Kardashian West’s brand is safe, her marriage might not be. West’s behavior almost certainly puts a strain on their relationship. A source recently stated that the couple is struggling during the current pandemic.

Many fans believe that Kardashian West might be better off if she decided to file for divorce.