Is Kate Middleton Left or Right Handed?

While left-handed people only make up about 10% of the general population, there are a lot of famous lefties. The British royal family has also historically included many left-handed members, one of them being Queen Victoria herself. The differences between left and right-handed people can be overstated. However, it’s still interesting to know what somebody’s dominant hand is, especially when they’re frequently in the public eye. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has had people wanting to know more about her since the beginning of her relationship to Prince William.

So, is Kate Middleton right or left handed?

Kate Middleton, looking off camera, laughing
Kate Middleton | Paul Faith/ Getty Images

Royal etiquette overrides the dominant hand

Kate Middleton usually carries her purse in her left hand. Because of this, you might think that she’s left-handed. However, holding a purse or briefcase in the left hand is actually common royal practice, according to Marie Claire. When Kate Middleton, or any royal, holds her bag in her left hand, it means that she can easily use her right to greet people and shake hands. There’s no need to awkwardly shift her purse between her hands, and no risk of a fumble when she offers a handshake. If she’d prefer not to shake hands with people, she can also use both hands to hold onto her bag.

Since this is typical royal etiquette, Kate Middleton isn’t the only member of the royal family to carry her bag like this. Diana, Princess of Wales, also carried her purses in her left hand, despite being right-handed.

Prince William and their children

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Prince William is left-handed. He has even made jokes about left-handed people having “better brains.” He’s often seen using his left hand to write and do other activities with.

It seems likely that Prince George inherited this trait from his father. The seven-year-old prince is still too young to be regularly seen writing and signing things outside of school. Nonetheless, he has been seen carrying and playing with his toys using his left hand, according to Daily Mail.

Princess Charlotte might also be left-handed! She’s only five years old, however, her family has said that she too prefers to use her left hand when writing and playing. As for Prince Louis, we still don’t know much about him. However, it’s entirely possible that we’ll find out that all three children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are left-handed.

Kate Middleton’s handed-ness

As for Kate Middleton, she’s the odd woman out in her family. Kate Middleton is right-handed, and when writing and signing uses her right hand. This has actually caused a mild controversy among fans of the royal family in the recent past, Daily Star reports. Just this year, in a photoshoot inside her home at Kensington Palace, Kate Middleton was shot holding a phone in her right hand while writing with her left. Fans with knowledge of the royal family quickly pointed out that Kate Middleton is right-handed and wouldn’t use her left hand to write. However, the photo was part of a staged shoot. So, it’s most likely that she picked up the pen simply to create a more dynamic scene for her photographers.

Statistically, Kate Middleton being right-handed is the most plausible option. Most people in the world are right-handed, so the Duchess of Cambridge would only have a one in 10 chance of being left-handed. However, the royal family isn’t an average family and has a higher proportion of lefties. So, despite right-handedness being more common, it actually makes Kate Middleton unique. And if Prince Louis ends up right-handed as well, he’ll be able to get help from his right-handed mother when he learns how to write.