Is Lauren Alaina Dating Anyone?

Lauren Alaina is a country music sensation, a woman who rose to fame on American Idol and who has remained in the spotlight consistently for the past nine years. Alaina’s hit song with Kane Brown, “What Ifs” shot to the top of the charts, ensuring Alaina’s place in country music history and making her a force to be reckoned with, in spite of her young age. Alaina’s love life has made headlines on several occasions, and recently, the star was involved in a major scandal that became news around the world. 

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How did Lauren Alaina become famous?

Lauren Alaina was born in 1994 and was raised in Georgia, according to IMDb. By the time she was three years old, Alaina had begun singing and entertaining her friends and family. After performing in kids choir and making a splash at various fairs and festivals, Alaina began taking the stage at major events, including the Chattanooga Riverbend Festival and the American Model and Talent Competition. After she turned twelve, Alaina started making trips to Nashville in order to perform in bars and restaurants.

Lauren Alaina decided to audition for the tenth season of American Idol, and in doing so, she changed the course of her career, as well as her life. From her first audition, Alaina was a fan-favorite as well as a firm favorite of the judges. While Alaina did not win the competition, she was the runner-up, and shortly after her run on the singing competition show, she was signed to a record label. In the years since her appearance on American Idol, Alaina has released popular songs like “Georgia Peaches,” “Eighteen Inches,” and “Ladies in the ’90s.”

Who was Lauren Alaina engaged to?

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In recent years, Lauren Alaina has worked on a wide variety of projects, from television movies to beautifully-produced music videos. Still, Alaina has managed to carve out time for love. In 2012, she started dating Alexander Hopkins, her high school sweetheart. The two dated for six years before getting engaged. While it seemed as though Alaina had found true love, they called off their engagement and broke things off for good in January 2019.

Only a few months after breaking up with Hopkins, Alaina debuted her relationship with a comedian named John Crist. The couple, who had a ten-year age gap, started dating around May 2019 — but by the end of September, their romance had fizzled, and they announced that they had broken up. Mere days after the breakup announcement, Crist, who was appearing on Dancing with the Stars at the time, became the subject of a media scandal, when multiple women accused Crist of sexual misconduct. 

Is Lauren Alaina dating anyone these days?

John Crist issued a public apology following his sexual misconduct scandal, but Lauren Alaina’s name was still embroiled in the tabloid headlines. According to Heavy, she spoke out in November 2019, stating that “I have not talked to him recently, no. But I wish him and everyone in his story the best … I’m not really involved in that. A breakup is always hard, but I’ve just been really focused on myself and dancing each week and doing my best.”

Her breakup with Crist was almost a year ago, and these days, Alaina is playing things a little bit closer to the vest. She told Haute Living, that “my personal life is my personal life, but people get invested in my relationships and I used to share my relationships on my social media pages but I think I learned my lesson on that,” Still, Alaina claimed that she isn’t really dating anyone at the moment: “I’m working on me. I’m trying to figure it all out, and it’s a little hard to date during a pandemic, so … Unless it’s the Amazon guy coming up to the door, I don’t really know.”