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Fans aren’t ready to say goodbye to the Roloffs. And it sounds like they won’t have to. Despite rumors that their TLC show has been canceled, the Little People, Big World family isn’t leaving TV, Matt Roloff confirmed in a recent Instagram post. But the future of the family’s farm is still up in the air as one of the Roloff kids expresses reservations about taking over his parents’ business.

Some fans worry ‘Little People, Big World’ has been canceled 

It’s not clear exactly how the rumors that Little People, Big World might be on the chopping block got started. But they may have begun with a recent press release from TLC, which declared the upcoming season would mark “the end of an era.”   

However, it’s pretty clear that the network is talking about how Matt’s ex-wife Amy is saying goodbye to the Roloff family’s farm for good. She and Matt split in 2015 but Amy didn’t sell her half of the family’s property to her ex until 2019. In the upcoming season, which premieres Sept. 29, viewers will follow along as Amy completes the sale to Matt and finally moves off the farm. 

Matt Roloff says the family is ‘coming back with a vengeance’ 

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff
Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff | Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Discovery

Though new episodes of Little People, Big World are on the horizon, some Roloff family fans fear the show won’t be returning. One person expressed their worries about the show’s future on one of Matt’s Instagram posts from early September. 

“God bless you and all of your family I can’t believe you’re not gonna come back again on television,” the person wrote. 

Matt was quick to address the fan’s concerns and shut down rumors LPBW had been canceled. “Who said we’re Not coming back [on] TV? We’re coming back with a vengeance. Lol,” he wrote.

Will the Roloff kids take over Roloff farms?


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While Matt says the family won’t be leaving TV anytime soon, fans still have questions about the future of Roloff Farms. Matt has said the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has meant tough times for his family’s business. In August, he told a fan on Instagram that the outlook for pumpkin season, which brings in a lot of revenue for the farm, is “grim.” But the Roloffs have started hosting small weddings on the property to bring in money. 

Matt has also made it clear he’s been thinking about what to do with the farm as he gets older, saying that he’s considered selling the land and relocating to Arizona. Ideally, he’d like one of his and Amy’s kids to take over the business, specifically twins Zach and Jeremy.

“The ultimate scenario for me is that the twins would take over the farm and work together … but nobody likes to run that pumpkin patch like I do,” Matt said in an Instagram Live.

However, in a preview for the new season of Little People, Big World, Zach expressed reservations about buying out his dad. 

“I would just buy my mom out,” Zach tells his wife Tori. “I would not buy my mom and my dad out.”

Zach’s twin Jeremy no longer appears on Little People, Big World. But in the past, he’s hinted he and his wife Audrey might be interested in taking over the farm. But buying the property would be “very expensive,” he told fans on Instagram last year, which is an obstacle.

Little People, Big World premieres Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. 

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