Is Oak Island Really Cursed, and How Many People Have Died on the Island?

The History Channel is known for their wide variety of interesting, historical-based programming. One of their most popular shows is The Curse of Oak Island, a reality docu-series that follows the efforts of Marty and Rick Lagina, two brothers who are intent on unearthing the reported wealth of historic treasures on Oak Island, a small island in Nova Scotia. The show explores the history,¬†legends,¬†and tall tales about the mysterious island, all while the team hunts for valuable artifacts and dodges the numerous dangers in the wild environment. Using cutting edge technology, the team is able to detect artifacts that have been buried under the island’s surface for hundreds of years, and are able to slowly piece together the turbulent, exciting history of Oak Island.

Since it’s debut in 2014, and in the years it has been on the air since one of the biggest questions of the show has persisted – is the island really cursed?

What treasure has the team found?

During the course of the team’s excavations, they have found several artifacts that are of great historical significance. In season five, the Lagina brothers found a fabulous garnet brooch, and in season six, they uncovered jewelry with traces of both copper and gold.

In addition to the brooches, the team has found iron spikes, pottery fragments, bits and pieces of human bone, and a military cuff button. The possibility of even greater treasure is always just around the corner, and with several new areas of interest, an exciting discovery is possible at any time. While the continuing hunt for treasure is exciting, it’s also costly – it is reported that in addition to the Lagina brothers, a number of private investors and possibly even the Canadian government are contributing to the costs of excavation. The Lagina brothers don’t like to discuss the costs of their treasure hunts, and when pressed, claim that they are entirely funding the expedition. For the duo, their mission is a personal quest to uncover history, rather than to make their own fortunes. They claim that they have been inspired by the island’s secrets ever since reading about the curse, and the idea of the treasures scattered about the island, in an episode of Reader’s Digest more than fifty years ago.

How many people have died on Oak Island?

The possibility of great treasure is certainly intriguing, but the idea of the supposed curse is what keeps viewers tuned in to The Curse of Oak Island season after season. The curse itself claims that seven people must die before the famed treasure of Oak Island can be found. In fact, a recent investigation determined that fourteen people have been documented to have died on the island since 1795.

Of those fourteen people, seven of them were reputed to have been treasure hunting while on the island. Whether or not this fulfills the legendary curse is open to interpretation and is certain to be explored in detail during the remainder of the sixth season.

What’s next for ‘The Curse of Oak Island’?

Oak Island
Oak Island | History Channel

Currently, The Curse of Oak Island is on its sixth season, with no word yet on a possible seventh season. While critics remain divided on the show’s authenticity, for fans of the show, there’s no debate. They love the drama, the mystery, and the tantalizing possibility of a buried treasure just under the surface. You can watch all-new episodes of The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel, Tuesday nights at 9/8 Central Time.

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