Is Oscar-Nominated Actress Florence Pugh Starring in ‘Paddington 3’?

Social media has given fans an entirely new level of access to our favorite stars. Because of their very public nature, entire friendships and feuds alike are formed on sites like Twitter and Instagram. Sometimes, the internet brings out the very worst human behavior. And then, just when you’re about to sign off and see what this thing called “real life” is all about, Paddington Bear enters the conversation.

The loveable character — created by children’s author Michael Bond — has become quite the celebrity in his own right. In 2014, Paddington starred in the film adaptation of the same name. Lauded by critics and audiences, Paddington spawned an even more beloved sequel. Now, thanks to his interactions with Florence Pugh, fans are giving Paddington a hard stare until we get an update on a third film.

Florence Pugh attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar party
Florence Pugh attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar party | Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

Florence Pugh had a breakout year in 2019

Prior to 2019, we’re willing to bet only hardcore cinephiles had even heard of Pugh. Her most prominent role before then was the 2016 indie drama Lady Macbeth, where she starred opposite Star Wars‘ Naomi Ackie. Now though? She’s well on her way to becoming a household name.

Early in 2019, Pugh played a teenage professional wrestler in the underrated comedy-drama Fighting with My Family. Then just five months later, she headlined the harrowing horror film Midsommar as a woman coping with a monumental personal loss. Finally, Pugh closed the year with the Christmas release of Greta Gerwig’s Little Women.

That last film — in which Pugh plays Amy March — even earned the actress an Oscar nomination. Next, her star is shooting even higher, as Pugh will appear alongside Scarlett Johansson in summer 2020’s Black Widow. Ironically, Pugh and Johansson were both nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category, the latter for Jojo Rabbit.

Pugh made friends with Paddington Bear

In addition to her career, Pugh has been blowing up on social media. She’s particularly active on Instagram, where she posted stories of her quest to make marmalade. For those who don’t know, Paddington’s love for the orange-flavored jam is one of his most famous characteristics. So, of course, he tagged Pugh in a tweet about making marmalade.

This led to an exchange in which Pugh and Paddington plan to get together to make marmalade sandwiches. The dish is Paddington’s favorite, and so he enthusiastically leaps at the chance to chow down on some marmalade with the Oscar-nominated star.

The exchange was likely nothing more than a sweet indulgence for both Pugh and the Paddington marketing department. However, the internet runs with every bit of information it gets its hands on. So now the world is eager to discover if Pugh and Paddington’s newfound friendship means the actress is signed on for Paddington 3.

Will she join the cast of ‘Paddington 3’?

To be fair, we still don’t even know the status of Paddington 3. Producer David Heyman confirmed in 2017 that a third film was in development. But the second film — while similarly praised by critics — made about $55 million less at the worldwide box office. This drop-off and the likelihood director Paul King wouldn’t return for the third film might have caused the filmmakers to take their time, at the very least.

If Paddington 3 is coming together soon, Pugh would be a great fit. The first two films featured Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, respectively, as their larger-than-life villains. So we don’t think Pugh is quite ready to take on that mantle. But Paddington 3 could tap into the sweetness and earnestness she brought to Little Women. If she is cast, just imagine how many marmalade sandwiches she and Paddington could make in between takes.