Is Prince Hans in Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’?

He tried to kill Elsa and freeze her sister. Obviously, Prince Hans’ relationship with Princess Anna didn’t go well. This character is referenced a few times in Disney’s Frozen sequel, with his voice and ice figure even appearing.

Prince Hans was Anna’s ‘boyfriend’ in the first ‘Frozen’ movie

They finished each other’s sandwiches but, as Disney fans know, this romance didn’t end well. Longing to be outside of the palace, Anna falls head over heels for Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, literally. It isn’t long until they ask Elsa for her blessing on their marriage. 

After Elsa says no, things get a little crazy for Anna and Hans. When Hans has a chance to save her with an act of true love, he tries to kill her instead, then going after Anna’s sister Elsa. 

This twist isn’t OK with Anna. Who punches Prince Hans in the face and ends the relationship. In the second Frozen movie, her relationship with Kristoff is still going strong and the two eventually get engaged. 

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Does this character reappear in the ‘Frozen’ sequel?

This movie is more about the two sisters and the unexplained events of their past. Why does Elsa have powers? Where were their parents going before they died? Can turtles breathe through their butts? 

One question this movie doesn’t answer is what happened to Prince Hans following the events of Frozen? Thanks to the 2015 Disney short film, Frozen Fever, viewers learn that Prince Hans was forced to pick up horse manure every day as part of his punishment. 

Understandably, he’s not a part of Anna and Elsa’s lives anymore. Although he was noticeably missing from the trailers for Frozen 2, this character does make a reappearance.

Anna, Elsa, and Olaf attend the world premiere of Disney's 'Frozen 2'
Anna, Elsa, and Olaf attend the world premiere of Disney’s ‘Frozen 2’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

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Where is Prince Hans referenced in ‘Frozen 2?’

Although he doesn’t make a cameo in this sequel, the other Frozen characters do reference Hans from time to time. Elsa decided to journey to the Enchanted Forest alone, and Anna told Elsa that she’d have company. 

“Excuse me, I climbed the north mountain, survived a frozen heart, and saved you from my ex-boyfriend, and I did it all without powers, so, you know, I’m coming,” Anna said.

When Kristoff tried to propose to Anna, (the first time he tried to propose, that is,) he reminded her of the conversation they had before she was getting married. You know, when he called her crazy? He doesn’t think she’s crazy, though! Just naive. Not naive — just new to love.

When Elsa finally journeyed to Ahtohallan, she revisited some of the events from the first movie, including her “Let It Go” moment. There was also an ice-version of the time Anna and Prince Hans first met. Elsa was sure to get rid of his statue as soon as he starts speaking. 

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