Is Schitt’s Creek a Real Place? Yes and No—It’s Vague on Purpose

Schitt’s Creek ended after its sixth season in 2020, and fans were sorry to see the story end. Several people hope for a potential spin-off show to occur. A continuation could happen, but the creators need to have a purpose in making one. 

While fans wait for possible future news, they can rewatch their favorite episodes. As they go back, some of them might wonder where in the world the characters live. The sitcom never specified where the town of Schitt’s Creek was. 

Where did the crew film for ‘Schitt’s Creek’?

Schitt’s Creek filmed some of their scenes in a studio. Since it is a Canadian series, the crew also shot on location in multiple towns in Canada. They filmed many of the scenes in a town called Goodwood. Viewers can find Goodwood in Ontario, but the producers have requested people not to visit for now. 

Perhaps, fans can tour the filming places in the future. Several of the known buildings are in one prominent location in Goodwood. On the edge of town, a person also can find a piece of property famed for being the Rosebud Motel

The building was the backdrop during exterior shots, and the area makes the place appear far away from the city. It may look old, but the property is worth a lot of money. Another location fans can walk past is the mansion the Rose family lived in. 

The mansion resides in Toronto, and the house is in the St. Andrew Windfields neighborhood. The building finished construction in 2012, and the property value is in the millions. Last year, the mansion was up for sale for a while. 

The location of the town is not clear

Season 6 Schitt's Creek
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Since production was in Canada, fans possibly expected the characters in Schitt’s Creek to live somewhere in the country. However, some people wonder if the town was on a real site. Theories likely popped up online to solve the mystery. 

According to Insider, the creators intentionally kept the location vague. They did not want the audience to know the exact country of the setting. The reason was to avoid influencing the viewer’s perception of the town. 

“We honestly wanted the focus of the show to be on this town, and if you put it in a country with real states, or you put it in a country with real provinces, then things become tangible … it kind of diffuses the focus to me,” Eugene Levy explained. 

The creators of the show wanted to leave the geography up to the audience’s imagination. Some people might argue the town is in the United States. However, other fans might choose to believe the residents live in Canada. 

The town as a counterpart in New York


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While Schitt’s Creek takes place in a fictional location, individuals can visit a site similar to it. People have found a lookalike town in an unlikely place. If fans want to feel like they are in the show, they can travel to upstate New York. 

The counterpart specifically is in Sharon Springs, New York. Sharon Springs is a small town, and some people noticed elements that could easily be in the sitcom. It also has an apothecary called Beekman 1802 Mercantile store. 

The store even partnered with the show to create a replica of Rose Apothecary. The marketing likely helped boost revenue for the store and the town. Additionally, some people even spotted a restaurant owner who resembled Johnny. 

Visitors might find other areas of Sharon Springs to be somewhat akin to the show. Of course, fans might notice a few sites in their towns that mirror the show.