Is SZA Single?

Over the past few years, many new faces and names have popped up in the pop music scene. Artists like Lizzo and Billie Eilish have blown away fans and listeners with their vocals, music videos, and ambitious visions. Apple Music just recently announced that Megan Thee Stallion won Breakout Artist of the Year for 2020. SZA is another talented musician who has successfully entered the entertainment industry.

As many of her fans already know, SZA is the star’s stage name, and Solána Imani Rowe was the name given to her at birth. SZA, though a Missouri native, grew up in Maple Shade, New Jersey. After releasing a few EPs, the talented singer released her first full-length studio album Z in 2014, and her most recent album was Ctrl, released in 2017. Since then, SZA has been featured on many tracks and has told her fans and followers she will be dropping new music soon. Though music fanatics have yet to hear any word on any upcoming release dates, many people have been discussing the star’s dating history due to some intriguing lyrics on 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s Savage Mode II. Take a look back at SZA’s romantic past and find out what is currently going on in the star’s love life. 

SZA smiling in front of a crowd of photographers
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A recap of SZA’s dating history

When Ctrl first came out many listeners were curious about who was the center of some of the star’s ballads. In an interview, SZA shared that all of the relationships referenced in her songs had come to an end and revealed she has always been a very private person when it came to her dating life. According to Elite Daily, SZA said, “I never really talked about relationships in a direct way. I used to be very metaphorical, very figurative, and also just kind of scared to talk about the way I felt in a literal way.”

With that being said, the details surrounding her past romantic encounters are limited, to say the least. It is rumored that SZA has dated Scott Sasso, but SZA never went into detail about the relationship. Sasso is a well-known professional in the clothing industry.

What famous rap star recently publicly revealed he once dated SZA? 

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SZA’s fans and followers are used to her tightlipped ways when it comes to the details of her dating life, but, unfortunately for SZA, the same doesn’t seem to go for all of her romantic partners. Drake’s impressive rapping skills, signature dance moves, and, of course, good looks, have led many to crush on the Canadian musician, and, apparently, SZA was one of them. When Savage Mode II debuted, listeners instantly picked up on the information Drake slipped into “Mr. Right Now.” The lyrics simply stated, “Said she wanna f*** to some SZA, wait/Cos’ I used to date SZA back in ’08.” It didn’t take long for SZA to publicly respond.

How did SZA respond to Drake’s mention of their relationship in  ‘Mr. Right Now’?

It didn’t take very long for fans to do some investigating, and, oddly, some math. Fans and users on social media began to speculate that SZA could have potentially been only 17 when the relationship took place. Luckily, SZA soon came forward to offer some much-needed clarification. According to The Fader, the singer joked that this was a case of Drake using some “poetic license” and it was actually 2009.

SZA explained on Twitter, “In this case, a year of poetic rap license mattered lol I think he jus innocently rhymed 08 w wait. Anybody who really knows me and was around during this time can confirm. It’s all love all peace.” Moving forward, Drake will probably think twice before landing on a rhyme, but, nonetheless, SZA did not seem to have any hard feelings about the incident. At the moment, SZA is currently single, or, at least, as far as the public knows.