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CBS‘s The Amazing Race had trouble finishing season 33 due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But after a 19-month pit stop, the contestants safely returned and finished the season, with Kim and Penn Holderness winning. Now, fans wonder when and if they can expect The Amazing Race Season 34.

Before 'The Amazing Race' Season 34, Phil Keoghan informed Kim and Penn Holderness that they won 'The Amazing Race' Season 33. Phil wears a navy button-up shirt with white polka dots and jeans. Kim wears a light blue tank top, black pants, and an 'The Amazing Race' fanny pack. Penn wears a light blue shirt and gray shorts.
Phil Keoghan and Kim and Penn Holderness | Photo by Adam Torgerson/CBS

CBS officially announces that it renewed ‘The Amazing Race’ for season 34

A week after the finale of The Amazing Race Season 33, CBS announced that it renewed The Amazing Race for season 34, per TVLine.

The network has given the green light to The Amazing Race producers for season 34. And there wasn’t ever really a doubt that they would cancel the show.

The reality competition series receives good ratings for CBS, and it has accepted many awards during its twenty-year run. It wasn’t likely that the network would cancel The Amazing Race following the critical success of season 33.

‘The Amazing Race’ Twitter page suggests season 34 is in the works

The show’s Twitter page indicated that The Amazing Race was renewed for season 34 even before CBS made the announcement.

Following the finale of The Amazing Race Season 33, the show posted a celebratory end of the season tweet. It read, “Congratulations to our Season 33 [The Amazing Race] winners! What an amazing journey and we can’t wait to do it all again next season!”

And, as one Reddit user pointed out, CBS ran an advertisement during the finale asking people to apply for season 34.

The user said, “According to the official CBS casting website, RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to apply if you want a chance to be on season 34! It looks callbacks are currently ongoing and will continue to be sent out no later than the end of March, so if you wanna apply, get an application in as soon as possible! Season 34 is tentatively scheduled to film this May, so hopefully, we see someone from this Reddit community on the season!”

We’re not sure how credible the information regarding the production date for The Amazing Race Season 34 is. However, it’s something to keep in mind. It would make sense if filming began in May because the new season is slated for the 2022-23 TV season.


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COVID-19 might play a factor into the production of the next season

Given the changes season 33 had to make to ensure the safety of the contestants during the pandemic, we wonder if CBS will hold off on production of The Amazing Race Season 34. COVID-19 is still a problem in many countries worldwide. And the pandemic would make it hard for The Amazing Race to return to its standard format.

But producers might be inclined to follow the same design from the second half of season 33 for the next season. Perhaps The Amazing Race Season 34 contestants will all fly on the same airplane, travel to countries with low rates of COVID-19, and drive themselves places. Thankfully, fans likely won’t have to wait long to find out more about the next race.

The Amazing Race Season 33 is available to stream on Paramount+.