Is the Phone Number Ashton Kutcher Just Shared Real?

We haven’t heard about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher as a couple in quite some time. But now that Moore has released her memoir, Inside Out, a lot is coming to the surface. E! News reminds us Moore and Kutcher wed in 2005 and split up in 2011, and their marriage was full of scandals, rumors, and drama. Now, Moore is returning to her relationship with her ex in her book and setting the record straight on what really went down.

Moore’s book is getting a ton of press — and it has fans begging for answers from Kutcher. It appears Kutcher even sent out his phone number via Twitter for fans to ask questions, but is the number real? Here’s what we know.

Demi Moore wrote scathing accusations against Ashton Kutcher in her new memoir

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore | Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic

From infidelity to miscarriage to her drinking problem, Moore held back nothing in Inside Out. We can’t forget that there was a 16-year age difference between Kutcher and Moore — and while Moore may have been self-conscious about being an older woman with a younger man, E! News notes she told publications in the early 2000s that he was truly her soulmate.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all sunshine and happiness in the relationship. In Inside Out, Moore confirms that Kutcher cheated on her twice and asked her to have threesomes, Buzzfeed reports. Even worse, Moore maintains that she found out about one of the cheating episodes via Google Alert just minutes before having to walk a red carpet event.

Not only that, but Moore also claims in her book that Kutcher never took her alcoholism seriously. Page Six reports she claimed he told her that alcoholism wasn’t necessarily a “real thing” — and this may have been the catalyst into relapse.

Kutcher seemed to indirectly respond to the accusations via Twitter

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher at a charity gala
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher at a charity gala | Oxana Sazonova/GC/Getty Images

Moore said she had Kutcher read over the book before it was published, so there shouldn’t be any surprises with what was written. With that said, he seems to have indirectly responded via Twitter to some of her claims. People notes he wrote a tweet that said, “I was about to push the button on a really snarky tweet. Then I saw my son, daughter, and wife and I deleted it.” He also tweeted a quote he attributed to his father: “Life is good -Larry Kutcher.”

After that, Kutcher took the tweeting one step further. He added a phone number to a tweet with, “For truth text me” attached. And it had his Twitter followers wondering if the number was real or fake.

Is the phone number he provided real?

So, what’s the deal with the phone number? According to Wired, the number Kutcher tweeted is linked to a startup messaging service called Community. And this isn’t the first time Kutcher has posted his number, either. It appears Community is a way for “community leaders” to talk to their followers safely without actually giving away a real phone number. Wired notes Kutcher once tweeted, “I miss having a real connection w/ real people. My Community. From now on you can just text me. I won’t be able to respond to everyone but at least we can be real w/ each other & I can share the unedited latest & greatest in my world.”

According to Caitlin Kelly, the writer for Wired, she sent a text to the number and received an automated message claiming Kutcher got her text — but she never heard back. And on his recent tweet with the Community number, many of his followers had similar gripes and received the same automated message. A few others, however, claimed Kutcher really did reply to them eventually. “For those wondering – it’s legit. He sends video texts and what not saying to have a good day, showing off a bit of The Ranch set, etc.,” one Twitter user commented on Kutcher’s phone number tweet.

It looks like those hoping for an answer from Kutcher after texting the number may never hear back — though some lucky participants might get a text from the celeb when they’re least expecting. All in all, it seems it’s an odd time to push Community considering all of the drama surrounding Inside Out. But perhaps Kutcher is reaping more benefits from the book than any of us know!

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