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J-Hope’s solo album Jack In The Box is finally here, and it’s making an impact. On July 15, the BTS rapper released Jack In The Box along with a music video for the album’s lead single, “Arson.” With Jack In The Box, J-Hope explores the depths of his authenticity and grows as an artist.

J-Hope of BTS poses for a promotional photo for 'Arson'
J-Hope | Big Hit Music

J-Hope of BTS released a music video for the song ‘Arson’

In addition to releasing Jack In The Box, J-Hope also released the music video for “Arson” at midnight EDT on July 15. The music video opens with J-Hope walking past cars that are on fire. The air fills with smoke, and when J-Hope breaks through, his white jumpsuit appears burned.

“Leaving when there’s still applause, that’s the style/ Setting the fire/ Is something I did for myself/ Who knew the world would go up in flames/ I see my marks after things cooled down/ Fire too big to put out, it was serious arson,” J-Hope raps in “Arson.”

As J-Hope moves among the burned cars, the camera shows that inside his chest, his heart and veins are burned too. When the camera pans out, J-Hope looks at the camera, his cheeks on fire with flying embers around him.

The music video ends with J-Hope lying on the ground, surrounded by fire that spells out “ARSON.”

J-Hope’s album ‘Jack In The Box’ has 10 tracks

Before releasing Jack In The Box, J-Hope dropped a pre-release single for the album called “MORE” on July 1. Together with “Arson,” the two songs are the pillars of the album.

According to a press release, the two singles “unfold j-hope’s authentic stories, from his pure passion to inner shadow and agony, that prove his growth,” and the songs’ music videos “add powerful energy to the songs.”

In total, there are 10 tracks on Jack In The Box:  “Intro,” “Pandora’s Box,” “MORE,” “STOP,” “= (Equal Sign),” “Music Box : Reflection,” “What if…,” “Safety Zone,” “Future,” and “Arson.” 

The press release states that J-Hope “participated in the overall album making from music, concept, design, and music video, bringing out his own unique colors through the album” and Jack In The Box “carries on the essence of BTS who have been validating themselves through music.”


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How the album’s cover came to be

To create the cover for Jack In The Box, J-Hope collaborated with the artist KAWS.

According to the press release, the album art for Jack In The Box “employs KAWS’s iconic use of precise line and color to visualize j-hope at the crossroads of choosing his next path.”

KAWS also released a statement about the cover, saying:

“I was thrilled when j-hope invited me to collaborate on the cover artwork for his solo project. We have become friendly the last few years and I’m happy our paths will have crossed at this moment in time.”

Jack In The Box tracklist:

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Pandora’s Box”
  3. “MORE”
  4. “STOP”
  5. “= (Equal Sign)”
  6. “Music Box : Reflection”
  7. “What If…”
  8. “Safety Zone”
  9. “Future”
  10. “Arson”