Jack Harlow Is Interested in ‘Dramatic Roles’ for His Brand New Acting Career

Jack Harlow has taken over the rap world over the past year, and it looks like he has his sights set on dominating another part of the entertainment industry: Hollywood. 

Jack Harlow’s upcoming role in ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ remake

Jack Harlow smiles wearing a black suit at the 2022 Grammy Awards
Jack Harlow | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Harlow was recently cast in a starring role in the upcoming remake of White Men Can’t Jump. The original version, starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, came out in 1992. The remake will star Harlowe and Sinqua Walls, who has appeared in shows like Friday Night Lights and Teen Wolf

The comedy movie reboot will kick off Harlow’s acting career, but he already has his sights set on more dramatic roles, even citing an example of an actor whose career he would like to replicate. 

“I think there’s some comedic shit that will come my way naturally,” he told Rolling Stone. “But I’d love to have some dramatic roles with some real depth. I think about how Adam Sandler did Uncut Gems, and it’s totally changed my view of him.”

Jack Harlow’s music career

While the rapper seems like he was an overnight success, Harlow has been making music since 2015, while he was still in high school. Despite just being a teenager, Harlow played sold-out shows in his native Louisville, Kentucky, and even scored a gig opening for Vince Staples. 

He moved to Atlanta in 2018 to continue making music, signing with Atlantic Records. Harlow didn’t really break out until 2020, with the release of single “What’s Poppin.” The track blew up on TikTok, launching him to the top, and was even nominated for a Grammy in 2021 for Best Rap Performance. 

However, Harlow didn’t really become a household name until his “INDUSTRY BABY” collab with fellow young rapper Lil Nas X. The song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100; Harlow’s first number-one single on the chart. It was also nominated for Best Melodic Rap Performance at the 2022 Grammy Awards. 

Harlow has gained millions of fans and sold thousands of albums, but he shows no signs of slowing down. The rapper recently announced the release of his second studio album, Come Home the Kids Miss You. The lead single, “First Class,” has gone No. 1; the first hip hop song of the year to reach that position. 

Jack Harlow’s Career Ambitions

“I desire to be everything sometimes,” he told Rolling Stone, trying to sum up his ambitions. “I want to be humble, I want to be cocky. I want to be kind, I want to be charming, but I want to be tough and alpha. There’s just certain people, we want to fill every blank. And it really just comes down to we want to be perfect. That’s an insecure thing. That’s why I’m in that gym. That’s why I’m eating healthy.  Because it’s not enough to just make a living at what I love and live this great life.  I need to be in great shape, too.”

If Harlow’s meteoric rise to the top of the music industry is any indication, it seems like the rapper will soon take over Hollywood, whether it’s in comedic or dramatic roles. 

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