‘Jackass Forever’ Movie Review: Johnny Knoxville and Crew Pass the Torch With Plenty of Penis Torture

Jackass Forever is a whole other level of insanity. Director Jeff Tremaine returns to the stunt-heavy franchise to make a new generation of audiences squirm, cringe, and laugh. Jackass Forever delivers the goods that longtime fans were yearning for with both familiar and new faces to bring on the pain. This film revival was a long time coming.

‘Jackass Forever’ celebrates its reunion

'Jackass Forever' Johnny Knoxville getting hit by a bull
Johnny Knoxville | Sean Cliver/Paramount Pictures/MTV Entertainment Studios

Jackass Forever brings the crew back together for the first time in 11 years. However, they plan to push the envelope even further than before. The stunts range from the extreme to more simple pranks on the set. Jackass Forever introduces some specific games, but sometimes the crew just enjoys pulling stunts on one another when they least expect it.

Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Wee Man, Danger Ehren, and Preston Lacy all return for Jackass Forever. It’s a glorious reunion that also brings some newcomers onboard. Jasper, Rachel Wolfson, Sean “Poopies” McInerney, Zach Holmes, and Eric Manaka all join in on the fun alongside the legendary cast and crew.

‘Jackass Forever’ is back with new and old stunts

Jackass Forever opens in the most cinematic way possible that simultaneously contains the heavy stuntwork that the franchise thrives on. The film’s set up comes straight from a kaiju film, but with the most Jackass twist imaginable. It’s funny, uncomfortable, and gross all at the same time. It’s also a great way for Tremaine to kick off the film for what’s to come.

The original Jackass gang is getting older and they won’t be able to do this forever. However, it’s clear that they’re thankful to have the opportunity to join forces once again. They recreate some old stunts, some of which didn’t turn out so well in their original iteration. Nonetheless, Tremaine isn’t afraid to flex the budget, bringing in more professionals executed on a bigger, more polished scale.

Jackass Forever also introduces a variety of new stunts that will have audiences laughing and cringing simultaneously. Some of the gags are simple and straightforward, but others are appropriately complex that add to the fun. A couple of the longer stunts can get a tad repetitive, but Jackass Forever has a short runtime that moves right along. Be prepared for a whole lot of penis torture.

Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and other regulars introduce newcomers to the franchise

'Jackass Forever' Danger Ehren looking terrified with a spider crawling toward him
Danger Ehren | Sean Cliver/Paramount Pictures/MTV Entertainment Studios

Jackass Forever is reminiscent of its past, but without being overly nostalgic. There are some references to stunts in prior installments, but it never utilizes it as a crutch to replace modern stunts. Jackass fans will be delighted to see the old crew getting back together, but they’re self-aware of what the film intends to accomplish. There’s no telling if Jackass Forever is their last installment, but it’s not a bad note to end on for this crew if that’s the case.

The franchise could easily continue with the newcomers. There’s no replacement for big names like Knoxville and Steve-O, but Jackass Forever successfully brings some fresh faces into the fold. There’s even a mention of passing the torch, which could bring these wildly entertaining antics into a new generation of fans.

Similar to previous installments, Jackass Forever is aware of it is. Tremaine understands the franchise and exactly what longtime fans crave. There are a lot of big laughs and rightfully cringeworthy moments. Some of the best moments are seeing the crew’s sickened reactions to the stunts. Jackass Forever is an uproarious moviegoing experience that fully embraces what it is.

Jackass Forever hits theaters on Feb. 4.

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