‘Jackass Forever’ Deleted Scenes Show Stunts That Didn’t Work

The Jackass movie sequels usually film so much footage they have enough material to release mini-sequels like Jackass 2.5 and 3.5. Hopefully, Jackass Forever has enough for Jackass 4.5, but until then the DVD, Blu-ray and digital editions of Jackass Forever include lots of deleted scenes. Many of them show what happens when their stunts and pranks don’t work, but a few would have been worthy of inclusion in the movie. The movie itself is also streaming on Paramount+ without bonus feature.

'Jackass Forever': Johnny Knoxville introduces Machine Gun Kelly vs. Steve-O on bikes at a pool
L-R: Machine Gun Kelly, Johnny Knoxville, and Steve-O | Paramount Pictures and MTV Entertainment Studios

These ‘Jackass Forever’ stunts just didn’t work 

In “The Breakaway,” Johnny Knoxville had a set of breakaway stairs built to place outside a trailer so whoever exited would fall through the steps. They try to get Machine Gun Kelly with it but it doesn’t work. The bike stunt Kelly did in Jackass Forever was way better. 

In “Plug and Arrow”, Steve-O tries to shoot a plug into Zach Holmes’ butt. It seems like the impact hurts Holmes more than it looks, but the stunt is a dud because the plug never sticks. Holmes also has to take a hornet sting to the mouth which he admits appears lackluster. New Jackass performer Rachel Wolfson’s scorpion sting in Jackass Forever was better so they made the right choice. 

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Knoxville also tried to prank Jasper’s father Dark Shark. Jackass Forever sicked a live bear on Danger Ehren but they tried to get Dark Shark with it, too. Dark Shark has the appropriate reaction, just facing the wall and screaming. It’s the lesser reaction for Jackass Forever but it’s the normal one when one encounters a bear.

Some ‘Jackass Forever’ deleted scenes were worthy of the movie

Knoxville plots an elaborate prank on Danger Ehren where he sprays him with a fire extinguisher twice when Ehren thought he was in a “safe zone.” Good to know Jackass provides so-called “safe zones” but as expected, they do not respect them. But, the real trick is setting Ehren up with an opportunity to get Knoxville back. But, he’d rigged the fire extinguisher to spray backwards. This one works and it follows the comedy rule of threes. 

“Fire in the hole” has Knoxville inject Chris Pontius’s penis with hot sauce. It’s bold and outrageous. Perhaps it showed too much frontal nudity to land Jackass Forever an R-rating so it had to go. “Broke Zach Mountain” also has some good stunts wherePoopies and Steve-O get pulled on skis by a horse trying to jump over Holmes. 

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“Face Your Rear” is a scatological bit involving Holmes. It makes Holmes throw up so maybe there was already too much barf in Jackass Forever. And in “Tarantula Bite,” Poopies is genuinely terrified of a spider. Perhaps that was also too similar to other pranks in the movie. 

Extended bits show more 

Jackass Forever included some shots of the cast getting glitter bombed. “Virtual Reality” shows the full segment. Likewise, the movie includes some shots of people getting nailed by soccer balls when they exit the trailer. “Soccer Ball Surprise” showed some takes where the money shot is obscured from camera. 

“Poopies Only Wipes Twice” shows the aftermath of one costumed bit from the film. They probably didn’t need to show the skidmark, but his name is Poopies after all. An extended version of the yard sale toilet prank is much more elaborate than what ended up in Jackass Forever. Finally, three additional takes of the telephone pole prank don’t go quite as well, but show that Knoxville commits to the bit each time. 

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