Jaclyn Glenn Posted a Video that Suggests There is More to Eugenia Cooney’s Story

While Shane Dawson’s recent video painted the picture of a young vlogger actively recovering from an eating disorder, there is allegedly a side of the story that the 31-year-old old content creator didn’t show. Jaclyn Glenn took to YouTube to post her own video that revealed the darker underbelly of Eugenia Cooney’s entrance into a treatment program. Glenn, David Frank, and Eva Demuro sat down to discuss how Cooney’s life appears to be controlled by her mother, and that her stint in a treatment program was orchestrated by them, not her family.

Jaclyn Glenn is concerned continues to worry that Cooney is being manipulated

Fans might have been thrilled to see Cooney looking healthier and happier than she has in years, but sadly there seems to be a lot more to the story, and it might offer some context into how Cooney ended up in the situation she did. Glenn’s telling of events paints a far darker picture of the situation.

According to Frank, who posts music videos to YouTube, Cooney’s entire life is orchestrated and controlled by her mother. He suggests the 24-year-old content creator is picked up and dropped off by a personal driver for any hangouts. He also claims she’s not allowed to make her own plans and appears to be manipulated by her family.

Glenn, Frank, and Demuro seem to be quietly suggesting that Cooney is virtually a prisoner in her own home. They also alleged that she has little autonomy, even though she claims her mother comes and goes from her home in Los Angeles.

Some points in Dawson’s video seems to give the claims some credence. A lawyer was on hand during the entire documentary with Shane Dawson.  Cooney’s mother, who was in the house at the time of the video, seemed to avoid the cameras. Fans were also troubled by the fact that Cooney had absolutely no idea how to unlock her own back door.

Glenn, Frank, and Demuro allegedly had Cooney admitted to the hospital

Glenn, Frank, and Demuro offered some context behind how Cooney ended up in a treatment facility, and apparently, her family members weren’t the ones who forced treatment. Glenn claims that Cooney’s mother actively thwarted the efforts.

According to a lengthy YouTube video on the subject, she, Frank and Demuro staged an intervention that included mental health professionals showing up at Glenn’s apartment. The trio went into further details. Reportedly, Cooney’s mother called the police after they staged the intervention. Cooney was eventually removed from Glenn’s apartment under a 5150 hold.

She remained in an eating disorder treatment program after the hold was lifted, but Glenn alleges she was threatened by Cooney’s family that if she were ever to tell the story, Cooney would be pulled from the treatment facility. She has apparently since cut ties with Glenn, Frank, and Demuro.

Fan reactions to Jacyln Glenn’s video are mixed

While many found Dawson’s video to be a bit too sugary sweet to be real, they aren’t exactly rallying behind Glenn either. Several fans on Reddit note that Glenn and her counterparts shared information that Cooney did not want aired out in public, like how she ended up in treatment, to begin with.

Several reaction videos have also been posted, and most are lambasting Glenn for sharing sensitive details of Cooney’s homelife and recovery. Some fear that the information shared could be detrimental to the 24-year-old content creator’s health. If, however, she is in a toxic environment, further recovery might be difficult, too.

There have been quiet rumblings for years that things were not all sunshine in the Cooney household. In fact, fans have been discussing Cooney’s mother just as much as they’ve discussed her shocking weight loss. What is really happening behind the scenes is unknown, and likely will remain secret.