Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Releases Powders and Fans Slam the ‘Literal Chalk’ Shade Range

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics just released a line of powders and fans are slamming the shade range for being “literal chalk.” The company’s face, YouTube beauty influencer and video content creator Jaclyn Hill, is no stranger to controversy when it comes to her makeup line. Her 2019 lipstick collection went viral due to many customers describing issues with the products. Here’s why fans are criticizing the newest items now after its release this week.

Jaclyn Hill in a button-down shirt
Jaclyn Hill | Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics has had problematic launches in the past

First, the beauty influencer caught flack back in 2019 after her company Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics released a line of lipsticks. Many customers were shocked to find that the seemingly brand-new lipsticks were delivered to them with alleged fuzz and metal.

After receiving the products, other Youtube content creators made their own videos examining the lipstick products and demanded an explanation from Hill about the quality of her company’s makeup.

Following plenty of criticism from the viral scandal, Hill posted her own YouTube video explaining the alleged safety hazard. She claimed that the lipsticks were not hazardous or contaminated and had “100% FDA-approved ingredients.”

As a result of her company’s lipstick launch, Hill stayed quiet on social media for awhile. But she returned to posting, and her company is back selling products.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics released a new line of powders this week

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Her makeup line, after taking a break from selling new products, has returned to making items available for purchase. Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics has come out with brushes, highlighter, and liquid lipsticks since the 2019 debacle. Her newest products, powder palettes, have fans disappointed yet again. The makeup company released a set of powder palettes, priced at $39 each, in May 2021.

The Instagram picture of the palettes showed several light shades and one palette that was slightly darker. The caption named the color descriptions for each set: Fair to Light; Light to Medium; Medium to Tan; and Tan to Deep.

But people voiced their opinions online that the shade range was lacking.

Fans criticized Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics for the shade range of the powders

The makeup community online wrote their feedback on Beauty Guru Chatter, a subreddit dedicated to those engaged in the beauty community. They took issue with the shade range of Hill’s powders.

“What in the name of literal chalk,” one fan asked, receiving more than 1,000 “upvotes” supporting the comment.

Someone else pointed out the issue with the colors of the powder palettes.

“How does this continue to be a real thing,” the person asked. “Makeup brands cannot claim ignorance anymore. They are knowingly excluding people from buying their products.”

Other commenters joked that Hill is “trolling” people with her makeup company’s products and called one of the darker colors “Cheeto dust.”

Another person expressed: “The tan to deep has me laughing. Girl. That isn’t remotely tan to deep!”

It’s unclear whether Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics will add deeper colors to its powder palettes in the future. For now, what’s available is what is pictured in the Instagram picture above. Hill has yet to publicly address the controversy that her company is facing again. But, if she does, fans will likely see her response on her home ground on YouTube.

A representative for Jaclyn Hill did not respond for comment in time for publication.