Jada Pinkett Smith Said Will Smith Is Always Asking Fans for Money — and She Hates It

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith are in the news more than ever thanks to Jada’s Red Table Talk. And they’re both quite candid about their lives. In the past, Will told a funny story about a time he asked a fan for money when he was out of cash at a gas station. Unfortunately, it seems Jada has a major problem with Will requesting a few bucks from fans. Here’s what she said.

Will Smith explained the time he had to ask a fan for money while at a gas station

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Will had a funny story to share regarding a Fresh Prince fan and the need for a few bucks. Back in 2016, Will Smith went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to share his funny tale about asking a fan for money while at the gas station.

Will explained that he was driving and realized he was nearly out of gas and still 30 minutes out from his house. “So, I pulled into the gas station and I didn’t have my wallet,” he continued. Luckily, after Will looked over to another car parked at the station, he noticed a man who assuredly looked like he watched The Fresh Prince of BelAir.

“I saw a dude. He was like, 36 years old. I was like, that dude’s a Fresh Prince fan,” Will continued. “You can spot them. I kind of rolled the window down and I was like, you know. And after a couple of minutes, he was like, ‘Will?'”

The fan then asked Will for a photo, which Will gladly gave him. And Will then asked the fan for $10.

Jada Pinkett Smith said Will has a habit of asking fans for money

Will (and many others) find his story about the gas money quite funny. But it’s not to Jada’s liking. It seems her husband has asked fans for money on more than one occasion, and it always embarrasses her.

Jada went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2017, and the gas station story was brought up. “He does it all the time,” Jada said in regards to Will asking fans for cash. “He really likes to do it with me, ’cause I hate it. And he thinks that’s funnier.”

When Kimmel asked Jada why she hates it, Jada explained, “I get embarrassed.” She then detailed a time when Will asked a fan for $1 for a bottle of water. “I was like, we don’t have any money,” she went on. “He was like, ‘Don’t worry. I’m gonna ask somebody for a dollar.’ … I was like, ‘Will, don’t!'”

Will did, of course. And a woman he stopped gladly gave him and Jada a dollar, but Jada wasn’t pleased. “I was like, don’t have him give you money!” she exclaimed. “Ask him to give you some money! Don’t give him money! This is all wrong!”

The Smiths certainly don’t need any financial help

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith arrive at the Los Angeles World Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures 'Focus'
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith arrive at the Los Angeles World Premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures ‘Focus’ | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

It seems Jada is most annoyed with Will asking fans for a few bucks because she knows they certainly don’t need the extra cash. Will is reportedly worth over $300 million, and Jada is worth $50 million. Even their kids, Willow and Jaden, have millions to their name. Willow is worth $6 million while Jaden is worth $8 million.

While Jada may get annoyed, it’s clear fans get a kick out of Will’s antics. And we have a feeling Will’s funny side still gets Jada laughing no matter what she says.

“This is how you know they have a real relationship,” a fan commented on the video of Jada. “Being rich but still asking people for money because it’s funny and Jada gets embarrassed just shows they still got that flame for each other. … You know d*mn well Will is just doing it to be the funny guy and see his woman smile.”

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