Jaden Smith Tricked Will Smith Into Letting Him Have Tequila on His 18th Birthday in the Sneakiest Way

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith parent their Willow and Jaden Smith differently than most people. They often are the center of media attention because they let their children do almost whatever they wanted to while growing up. However, Will was not happy about how Jaden tricked him into letting his son have tequila on his 18th birthday.

Will Smith, son Jaden Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith
Will Smith, son Jaden Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith admit it’s very tough to plan a Smith family vacation

Although Will and his family travel worldwide, promoting their movies and records, they rarely get the opportunity to go on family vacations together. At least, the actor admits it takes a lot of coordinating. 

“Everybody is all over the place,” Will explained on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Will traveled the world with Martin Lawrence for the first time to promote Bad Boys For Life in 2019. Simultaneously, Jaden and Willow Smith embarked on the Willow & Erys Tour in late 2019 throughout North America. Jada continued her Red Table Talk and went on various talk shows to promote it. The Smith family is hard to tie down for a vacation, but Jaden managed to do it.

Jaden Smith and Willow Smith perform onstage during The Willow & Erys Tour
Jaden Smith and Willow Smith perform onstage during The Willow & Erys Tour | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

When Jaden Smith turned 18, he convinced his family to fly to London

When Jaden turned 18, he promoted his movie, The Get Down, in London, England. So, he invited his family to join him to celebrate. Will was very excited that his teenage son wanted him, Jada, Trey, and Willow to join the celebration. 

They went to see Calvin Harris perform, and then Jaden was very excited to take his parents out to dinner. However, Will quickly realized why his son wanted the whole family to celebrate this milestone birthday in London.

“We sit down at the restaurant, he looks at the waiter, and he says, ‘I’ll have a Tequila,'” Will told Fallon.

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Will immediately jumped in and asked what his son was doing, ordering a drink when he’s not 21 yet.

“‘The drinking age is 18 in England, Dad,'” Will recalls Jaden saying after ordering the drink. “I was like, ‘You joker!'”

Will finally got the whole point of Jaden bringing the family together in that specific place on his 18th birthday. He was so shocked that all he could say was, “You joker!”

Will and Jada have a hard time agreeing on vacations

It turns out that it was lucky for Jada that Jaden planned that family vacation to London. For her, it is much harder to get Will to agree on something she wants to do.

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“For vacation, we are butting heads right now because he wants to take us to the Serengeti to watch the migration of the wildebeests,” Jada explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Now this is considered a vacation, OK? Mind you; the crocodiles await the wildebeests as they cross.”

Jada would instead go to Maui to relax. However, Will goes above and beyond when he plans these trips. Although it will be educational, they will fly over the wilderness in a hot air balloon. It might be challenging for the Smith family to lock down a date for a vacation, but it sounds like it is always something unique.